Life-Size Gingerbread Bank Is A Real Thing In Philadelphia

Dec 18, 2015 12:30 PM EST | By Alexis Villarias

A bank in Philadelphia gets into the holiday spirit as it opened a life-size gingerbread branch. And it actually lets you withdraw money from it.

Foodbeast reports that PNC Bank commissioned 12 bakers to create 340-square foot bank made with 5,000 pounds of gingerbread in 6 months. From December 4-6, PNC opened the bank to the public handing out hot chocolate and letting customers try out their cookie-covered ATM machine.

This was in celebration of Christmas Price Index (CPI) which Deutsch is supposed to promote. Every year, PNC promotes its financial report that calculates the prices of all gifts in the carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas".

According to The Drum, although the CPI has not changed significantly over the years, it's still the responsibility of Deutsch to create hype around the numbers. This year, it only grew 0.6 percent to $341, 130.99. The bank encourages parents and teachers to discuss data with children so they may have an idea how the economy works.

Twelve bakers from Bredenbeck's Bakery masterfully crater 12 columns at the gingerbread bank where children can learn about the gifts and their prices. They somehow figured out the right combination of ingredients to hold things up regardless of weather and enthusiastic kids eager to eat the walls.

In entirety, the bakers used 3,000 pounds of flour, 1,000 pounds of shortening, 1,000 pounds of molasses, 50 pounds of cinnamon and ginger, 25 pounds of cloves, and 40 pounds of baking soda. That's over 5,000 pounds of ingredients which are equivalent to a great white shark.

In an interview with The Drum, Jeremy Bernstein, EVP-group creative director at Deutsch said that he liked the idea for this year's celebration. "It's the kind of thing you imagine being able to do as a kid but never have the ability to do."

In a way, it "is sort of fantastical and hard to believe."

Those who are not able to make a trip to the gingerbread bank could take a virtual tour online. But this would definitely worth the trip to see a gingerbread bank that's functional.

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