Holiday Pictures and Moments? Facebook Updates the Messenger App with Photo Magic To Make Sending Photos Easier This Holiday Season

Dec 21, 2015 02:20 PM EST | By Pao Uychiat

Social media has a lot of influence in the everyday lives of everyone in this generation. People can't seem to go on their day without posting or updating their pages. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat continuously make updates and add features in order for their users to enjoy. Facebook for instance, updated its' Messenger app with Photo Magic in order to compete more against Snapchat.

An article written in Indian Express, said that Facebook updated the Messenger app especially for the holidays. Knowing that many people all over the world would like to share their photos this holiday season, the company would like ti make it easier. Known as the world's largest social network, Facebook offers the feature called "Photo Magic."

This is a feature that will instantly send the message in Facebook to the friends identified in the picture. This feature depends on the same facial recognition technology that helps tag people's names to the Facebook photos and posts. This feature is available in the Messenger application that will make sending images to some friends and family members.

Facebook inc. will launch Photo Magic in the Messenger starting Thursday to all Apple Iphone users and all smartphone users that are running on Google Android software. Facebook users will still decide as to whether they would like to activate the updated feature or not. If they decide to use the feature temporarily, they would still have the option to turn it off when they don't want to use anymore.

The update was first released to a broad audience after 1 month in the testing phase among smartphone users in Australia. The company is planning to make Photo Magic available in the world except in Canada and European Union. Currently, the Messenger app has about 700 million users and half of that are on Facebook's social network.

If the feature is turned on, it is supposed to immediately figure out the people in the picture that belongs to the Facebook user's friend list. As soon as this is done, the feature sends the picture to the people instantly in just two clicks. It is said that about 9.5 billion pictures are sent through the Messenger app each month. Part of the update in Messenger, they also included an option that allows the user to change the colors of the exchanges with different friends and switching the formal name into nicknames instead.

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