A Slice of Royal History: Princess Diana and Prince Charles' Wedding Cake has been Auctioned

Dec 21, 2015 02:30 PM EST | By Pao Uychiat

The Royal Family in England has made its name all throughout history. They have always been known as regal and elegant in every situation. Their everyday lives are covered and watched by millions and millions of people all over the world. More recently, everyone is charmed by the cuteness of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, children of one of the loveliest royals in this generation, Prince William and Princess Kate. However, before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the loveliest couple was Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

When they got married, everyone believed that indeed fairy tales come true. Many people, dreamed of the same kind of love story, and a lot would love to imitate that wonderful wedding. Speaking of wedding, when we hear that word, many things come to mind. We can think of flowers, venue, theme, the dresses, people attending and of course food. During the wedding reception, one of the highlights would be the wedding cake.

Many people wondered what kind of cake is served during the weddings of top celebrities or royals perhaps. Would they be able to afford these cakes? Now it is possible. According to Hello, a slice from the wedding cake of Princess Diana and Prince Charles may now be in everyone's reach.

34 years after the royal wedding, finally a slice from their fruitcake is now being auctioned to the public. A slice of fruitcake with cream cheese as frosting is being sold by Nate D. Sanders for £920 ($1,375), a Los Angeles based auctioneer. David Avery, head baker of the Naval Armed Forces, was the one who is responsible in making the cake along with the message: "With best wishes from Their Royal Highnesses The Prince & Princess of Wales." The fruit cake is 34 years old but still very much edible. It has been preserved with the highest level of alcohol and has been wrapped nicely in a box since their wedding last July 29, 1981.

The bid starts at $1,100. However, it was previously predicted that it could sell to as much as £2,600 ($4,000). Many collectors battle to get this valuable slice of history as part of their very own collection. Sam Heller, one of the auctioneer said, "The wedding of Lady Diana and Prince Charles captured the attention of the world on television and through many newspapers and magazines.

And even today, people just cannot get enough of the late Princess." The cake has been preserved with alcohol, making it still edible. However, for most collectors, they would rather have the slice intact as they are willing to pay a big amount to have this piece of history from the most coveted and famous wedding of the 20th century.

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