World Renowned Singer Celine Dion Celebrates 21 Lovely Years of Marriage to Husband René Angélil

Dec 22, 2015 01:50 PM EST | By Pao Uychiat

World renowned singer Celine Dion recently celebrated her 21st wedding anniversary with husband René Angélil. She posted a close up photo of them holding hands on their wedding day and captioned it with "21 years today."  They are also looking forward to relax and celebrate the upcoming Christmas holidays with their children René-Charles, Nelson and Eddy.

According to Hello, it must have been a bitter-sweet celebration for the couple because her husband, a music producer has been diagnosed with a terminal stage throat cancer. The singer recently decided to take a year off from her Las Vegas shows in order to look after her husband while he was undergoing treatment.  In November, the 47-year-old singer talked about her family life. She said that it has been a tough few months for her and her entire family, however, she is just staying positive about her husband's illness.

Their love story started when Celine was 13 years old and Réne became her manager as soon as he heard the then teenager sing. They had a very close working relationship from that time on until such time that it eventually blossomed into a beautiful romance.  Despite the 26 year gap between the couple, they decided to get married in December 1994. A year later, Celine said that she isn't surprised why they got married. She added that they have the same dreams, goals and most importantly, they respect each other.

In 1999 the couples' marriage was put to the test when her 73-year-old husband was diagnosed with throat cancer.  In 2000, he was declared cancer free. However, the disease came back in 2013 with a much more devastating result. He then underwent surgery in order to remove the tumor in his throat. Finally, in 2014 Réne was informed that his illness was terminal.

In an interview in Good Morning America, Celine said, "I'm amazed by him ever more than ever before. I was in love with him the first day, and today I find strength and I learn so much from him."

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