Experts Say that Fish Oil Help Burn Those Excess Fats Around the Waist

Dec 23, 2015 12:10 PM EST | By Pao Uychiat

Health is wealth. This famous quote has long been used when people talk about taking of one's health. There are a lot of recommendations as to which food is healthy and beneficial to our health.

According to Indian Express, there have been a lot of talks about how Japanese and Mediterranean food contribute a lot to have a longer healthy life. However, how this is possible is still being debated. These days however, we may have a better insight to the reason as to why this is so.

Kyoto University researchers said that it's fish oil. It is known that fish oil may actually burn fat faster than the actual fat-burning pills being sold. This has been the most efficient weight loss formula for overweight and obese people in the 30s and 40s.

Fish oil activates the digestive tract receptors, induces the nervous system and the storage cells to burn fat faster. The fat tissues don't store all the fat. White cells store fat in order to keep the energy supply steady and flowing.

The brown cell on the other hand is responsible for burning the fat and keeps a stable body temperature. They are abundant in babies but slowly decrease in number when people are maturing until in their adulthood. A third type cell called the beige cell has been found recently in humans and mice. This has the same function as the brown cells.

Beige cells are known to reduce in number when people approach middle age, without these metabolizing cells, fats will just be accumulated and will not be used for years. Senior author Teruo Kawada said, "We knew from previous research that fish oil has tremendous health benefits, including the prevention of fat accumulation. We tested whether fish oil and an increase in beige cells could be related."

To test the theory, the team fed a group of mice with two kinds of food, fatty and another was fatty food with fish oil additives. It was found that the mice who consumed food with fish oil have 5 to 10 percent less weight and 15 to 25 percent less fat compared to the mice who consumed only fatty food.

Finally, Kawada explained, "People have long said that food from Japan and the Mediterranean contribute to longevity, but why these cuisines are beneficial was up for debate. Now we have better insight into why that may be."

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