New Year Resolution: 6 Questionable Health Trends That Should Be Left Behind

Dec 24, 2015 07:20 AM EST | By Alexis Villarias

The year certainly brought us a lot of realizations when it comes to health. We moved away from fad diets and embraced exercise. We became more aware of our well-being however there are also major disappointments.

So in celebration of the coming New Year, Huffington Post creates a list of the worst health trends of the year. So be guided and let go of these for your own sake in 2016:

1. Calling pleasurable foods "crack"

It is mildly offensive to compare the love for food to cocaine. Not only it is scientifically inaccurate, it can be insensitive to people suffering from addiction. So don't play up your love for food too far.

2. Comparing every unhealthy activity to smoking

Almost everything unhealthy was compared to smoking; from the great bacon freak out to people sitting and people sleeping too much. While it is good to promote a healthy lifestyle, everyone should stop imposing fear to everyone.

Smoking is a documented public health hazard. It has resulted to more deaths compared to alcohol, car accidents, suicides, AIDS, homicide and illegal drugs combined according to the American Cancer Society.

3. Placenta Eating

This is by far the weirdest celebrity-endorsed health trend for this year. Kim Kardashian and Gabby Hoffman have popularized the consumption of pills made from their own frozen-dried placenta. It is said to be a cure for postpartum depression. However, experts say that there are no proven benefits.

4. Cryotherapy

This alternative treatment claims to reduce stress, alleviate pain and boost the immune system. Brought in by Japan, the body is exposed to a maximum 300-degree temperature inside a cooling chamber. The claims are not backed up by the FDA.

5. Hangover IVs

This elective therapy which costs around $200 is targeted to party goers looking for a hangover relief. This works by pumping saline solution and vitamins into the body via IV. However, there's a possibility of complications from a completely unnecessary treatment.

6. Vaccine avoidance

This trend is not quite new, but the result of this campaign could be disastrous. It puts most of us at risk in contracting infectious diseases.

Do you think these health trends will fade when the New Year comes? Do you have more insane health trends to share? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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