8 Top Food Franchises in the US

Jan 07, 2016 01:00 AM EST | By A. M.

Food chain franchise is often much more for people than a simple food business venture. For some it is a real estate purchase since the presence of food businesses, especially of the big chain type, tend to contribute to real estate value change. McDonald's Fast Food Franchises founder Ray Kroc, for example, once said: "We're not in the hamburger business. We're in show business."  In the US, Entrepreneur.com compiled this list of best franchises based on expansion plans, financial stability, and franchise opening cost and summarised in Franchise 500 scores. 

1 Subway

With 42,227 franchises and a franchise opening cost that may be anywhere between $117,000 - $263,000, Subway is making headway in overcoming bad publicity from the past and attracting good business especially after a smart switch to healthier menus.

2 Jack in the Box

This business, which has 2,238 franchises and costs $323,000 - $544,000 to open expanded successfully from being a regular burger chain to adding  menu with salads, tacos, breakfast and milkshakes. In 2003, the Jack in the Box acquired Qdoba Mexican Grill. 

3 Jimmy John's

This gourmet sandwich shop has 2,238 franchises and requires $323,000 - $544,000 to open.

4 Denny's

Family restaurant Denny's requires about $1.2 million to $2.1 million to open a franchise.

5 Pizza Hut

Opening a franchise of this pizza chain requires an initial investment of $297,000 to $2.1 million.

6 Dunkin Donuts

This doughnut chain has 11,310 franchises and costs an initial franchise investment of $217,000 - $2 million. Currently, coffee offerings have been boosting the chain's popularity.

7 McDonald's

This burger chain of Ray Kroc's show has 13,846 franchises. Initial franchise venture may cost anywhere between 1 million - $3 million. 'McDonald's Next' and meal deals like 'McPick 2 for $2' enable McDonald's to guard its post in this list. 


This chicken shop has 13,846 franchises and, similar to McDonald's, requires an initial franchise cash out of $1 million - $3 million.

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