8 Food Myths to Bust This Year

Jan 10, 2016 11:17 PM EST | By Florence May P. Jose

Since a lot of people decided to be newer versions of themselves this new year, it is time to learn or un-learn a few things: time to bust some old food myths that hindered your knowledge about health in general and accept new trends in the wonderful world of food.

It's 2016, it's time to let some old, baseless food rumors be forgotten as the year that was 2015 and recognize the ones that are worth the hype.The Guardian looked beyond the biggest food trends of the year. 

1. Pasta makes you fat

Because carbs make you fat right? Wrong. According to researches funded by pasta companies, such as Barilla, 'al dente' pasta "does indeed have a glycaemic index comparable with buckwheat or brown rice." This means that the energy we get from eating this keeps us feeling fuller, hence, releases energy in a steady timing, not allowing unnecessary cravings.

2. Dates are the new sugar

Dates could be alternative to sugar when baking, only. The belief that this sticky fruit could be used for sugar substitution for weight loss is in fact not true. Dried dates contain about 68% total sugars, as opposed to actual sugar, which is 100%.  In comparison, the sugar composition of dates is not that far from sugar itself, but dates are an excellent source of soluble fiber-which causes insulin spikes in the bloodstream, that could lead to cravings and excessive food intake.

3. Kale is a "superveg"

Many is now considering Kale as King of the Leafy Vegetables. It is now the current food hype, you could see fried kale, kale as side dish and other meals that has kale in it because of its credentials having antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and detoxifying micronutrients that appear to reduce our risk of major degenerative diseases, cancer in particular.

Aside from its impressive high levels of Vitamin K, which supports bone health, kale is pretty much as nutritious as a cabbage or a broccoli.

4. Coconut oil is best for frying

Long after Olive oil (or extra virgin olive oil) was king of frying, Coconut oil is believed to be the best one today, especially the ones that are solid and cold-pressed. According to Blythman, "Raw, unrefined coconut oil doesn't get damaged by oxidization and go rancid the way other cold-pressed vegetable cooking oils do." Unlike the other oils, the one from coconut can stand up to the heat without losing the nutrition it carries. It is also rich in medium-chain fatty acids, which have antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial effects. These fatty acids are converted in to energy and not stored as fat, leading some studies to suggest that consuming this can actually make you lose weight.

5. Red Meat is a killer

Since health aficionados prefer white meat over red, the fact that this type of meat are rich in essential fats, complete protein, vitamins and minerals, are often overlooked. According to Blythman, "The dodgy dossier against red meat is based on the shakiest type of evidence: observational studies in which researchers look for patterns in data drawn from notoriously unreliable diet questionnaires." In other words, the claim that red meat kills you earlier is still not proven and you can enjoy tastier meat for your pleasure.  

6. Bone broth is the new superfood

Bone broth has become an DIY alternative to several expensive food supplements", that can provide you calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, nutrients that are not as common as the others. These are from the cartilage and tendons, that are once boiled, releases chondroitin and glucosamine which are main contents of supplements for arthritis and gout.

7. Whole milk is back

A study that was published a year ago has found that people who drink full-fat milk and consume full-fat dairy products are less likely to develop the "metabolic syndrome" that is believed to be the combination of Diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, associated with higher risk of heart disease and stroke. Time to ditch that skinny milk and drink the full goodness of the organic, and natural glass of milk.

8. Kimchi boosts your immune system

Recent studies are now linking fermentation in boosting our body's immune system. According to these studies, "cultured foods are swarming with lactic acid bacteria." Through consuming fermented foods like kimchi and yoghurt, we re-introduce healthy bacteria to our stomach.

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