This Rainbow Colored Bagels will Surely Make Your Mornings Better Instantly

Feb 04, 2016 01:30 PM EST | By Florence May P. Jose

Brooklyn locals can't handle the crazy-cute idea of a colorful--a rainbow colored bagel. The Bagel Store owner and head baker Scott Rosillo has been making this color pop creation for almost 20 years now.

The Rainbow Bagel was featured in a video Facebook post by Insider Food was viewed over 40 million times, in which almost a million people commented.

"It's an absoulte labor of passion and art," Rosilio said, explaining how did he came up with the unique idea. According to him it took--and still takes a 'tremendous' amount of effort to produce the world's most beautiful bagels.

Individual batches of dough are colored with neon food coloring--from blue, to pink to popping yellow. Maintaining separate color batches, the dough is cut and shaped in to mounds where it would sit for a while. Then, each colored mound will be layered and combined with the other colors, one color per layer at a time. This will be the time to flatten the colorful stack of dough--like play doh!

The stacked dough is cut, then rolled "expertly" in to strip-like ropes, then each end connected and the perfect bagel circle is made.

The cream cheese comes in technicolor too! The funfetti frosting is made from real cake batter, then further sprinkled with colorful sprinkles!

"You feel great when the customers come in, looking for the rainbow bagels," said Osiel Escobar, one of the bakers of the shop."They're so excited when they see the rainbow bagels!", he shared with pride.

Loyal customers said that having the rainbow bagel in the morning is like "eating cake for breakfast, which everybody loves."

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