Amazing Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Feb 17, 2016 04:20 AM EST | By Shilpa Chakravorty

Dark chocolate is found to render many health benefits, as per the recent research.  

All these years doctors have advised everyone to stay away from chocolates. However, the recent studies and research reveal that they can also be life saving. The chocolates come in different forms such as candies, white chocolate, and dark chocolates.

"Given the fact that healthy cultures eat chocolate all the time and research has yet to show anything but confirmatory evidence about the health effects of high-cocoa chocolate," says Will Clower, Ph.D., author of the new book Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight. "It seems logical that you should eat chocolate every day, like a delicious vitamin."

The dark chocolates rich in cocoa are the best choice of chocolate as they treat you with good health along with their mouth-watering tastes. The cocoa is filled with fibers and protein.

The dark chocolate can actually reduce your weight as they are good appetite-killers. They can make you feel full for more than an hour. So it will help you cut the unnecessary snacks apart from meal times. The cocoa kills your appetite to half by just smelling it, says the research results. A hormone called ghrelin is produced while smelling the cocoa that reduces your appetite.

The cocoa is good for your teeth. It may sound funny but the sugars in the candy decay your teeth but the cocoa removes the plagues from your teeth. They actually keep the teeth clean and healthy.

Chocolates are usually not included in the menu of the heart patients. The cocoa butter present in the chocolates is known for its fat content.

Most part of the cocoa fat is made up of stearic acid. They are converted into oleic acid by the liver which converts the bad cholesterol into good cholesterol. This keeps the heart away from heart attacks.

There many other health benefits about the dark chocolate. They care for your skin, help in focused thinking, lowering the anxiety level and energize the body during workout sessions, according to Yahoo Health.

Adding the chocolate regularly in your routine diet will improve your health. The chocolates with at least 70 percent cocoa content are best suited. However, white chocolates and candies should be avoided.

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