Ben & Jerry's Vegan Ice Cream vs Regular Ice Cream

Feb 18, 2016 04:20 AM EST | By Yves Matthew Amodia

Ben & Jerry's has warmed many vegan hearts when it announced that it will be releasing a new lineup of nondairy "frozen desserts" to the market, Veg News reports.

"For years, Non-Dairy fans have been forced to watch ice cream consumers with envy and were unable to participate in a truly indulgent frozen dessert experience. Now the tables have turned. Non-Dairy and vegan consumers can enjoy two classic Ben & Jerry's flavors as well as two Non-Dairy exclusive flavors all to satisfy their indulgence cravings. ," the Burlington, a Vermont-based company, said through a press release.

So what makes these non-dairy products different? Instead of cream, what is used in making the vegan ice cream is ice almond milk, which, according to Glamour, is "lower in fat and calories, and, in some cases, have less sugar than their 'regular' counterparts."

Worry not, though, Ben & Jerry's has assured its loyal customers that the desserts will have a similar taste and consistency to the regular products.

Does this mean that the vegan ice cream can be considered a health food? Apparently, it's great for vegans but not exactly good for those who are trying to watch out or maintaining their waistline as the desserts still have 250 calories and 25 grams of sugar for a small amount.

Four non-dairy versions of the ice cream will be available: Peanut Butter and Cookies, Coffee Caramel Fudge, Chunky Monkey and Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

According to News 4 Jax, Ben & Jerry's is far from the first company to offer vegan dessert options at various stores in New York City like Raw Ice Cream Company and Alchemy Creamery already have it on their line.

Ben & Jerry's was started in the 1970s as a gas station and is now owned by Unilever.

The new products will reach stores this month.

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