It's Time To Put An End To Food Wastage

Mar 01, 2016 07:18 AM EST | By Sneha Susan John


We are all guilty of committing a huge crime. On a regular basis, we are cleaning our kitchens, our refrigerators and chopping away half our vegetables to bring out the best.

What we don't realize is that, though we are throwing away a minuscule portion of our food daily, we are throwing away tons and tons of food in the long run.

According to the Consumer Reports magazine, about 10 cents from every 1$ is being wasted by every American. Over time, this is a lot to waste, especially considering the fact that it can feed thousands starving around the world.

When talking about food wastage, the first thing that comes to our mind is that there are many who are dying without food. Well, food wastage has many more aftermaths than financial problems, it's also affecting the environment in a great way. The food that we throw away produces different gasses and leads to global warming, thus affecting the system in a bad way.

There are many smart ways to end food wastage. First, be very attentive while shopping. Storing food for another item is a bad way to shop. You end up throwing so much of food that has gone past the expiry date. Be a mindful eater. When you eat always start by serving a small quality food. This helps you finish all you take, and you can take more if needed.

There are food banks to which you can donate your excess food. This way you can make sure that excess food is also going into the right hands.

Food wastage is a great problem in the world, especially in America. With consumerism creating a muddle in America, it's high time to support the environment and also many who need the portion of food that goes into the bin every day.

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