Dunkin’ Donut's Female Staff Slashed By Homeless Man

Mar 05, 2016 01:23 AM EST | By Shilpa Chakravorty


A homeless man slashed a woman who works in Dunkin Donut after her conversation with the man to leave the premises as he was sleeping inside the restaurant.

The victim, Daxa Patl, 34- year-old and her husband owns the East Kingsbridge Road Store in the Fordham section and was maintaining the same at the time of the incident.

Last morning at 5:30 am of the day when the incident took place the couple was pursuing the homeless man to leave the premises as he was sleeping inside the restaurant.

After a long argument the man finally agreed and left the premises. However, later on it appeared that it was just a gesture of diversion as he came back soon with a razor in his hands. In a short time of action he came near the walk-up window and slashed the victim with his Razor.

The accused identified as Ronald Thompson, 31 years, ran away from the spot immediately. Police was able to trace him out, according to New York Post.

The police charged him with assault and possession of weapon. This is not new as he was already charged with cases of assault, selling drugs and criminal mischief.

Luckily Daxa Patil sustained with a deep cut on the right side of the face. She was hospitalized in the North central Bronx Hospital immediately. It took seven stitches to close the wound.

A worker from the same area Roger Mahmood said, "I feel bad, I feel bad for her."

"She's a good lady. I've been working here for one year. Nice lady. It's hard. It's tough," he continued according to ABC 7 News.

The NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said, "We are very concerned about it because on January 4, we had something very similar in the Bronx at a McDonald's, where a young man was murdered, a homeless person sleeping inside a restaurant."

He further added, "So we would encourage anybody in the restaurant business or a commercial location to immediately call the police if you have this issue, and not to address it by yourselves."

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