Dunkin’ Donuts Welcomes Spring With Pistachio Ice Cream Coffee

Mar 06, 2016 06:58 PM EST | By Shilpa Chakravorty


With the first appearance of Spring this year, Strawberry Shortcake Croissant  Donut will also make its appearance.

Although, it is not officially declared yet, Dunkin' Donuts will be welcoming Spring with a limited edition coffee flavors and doughnuts.

As such, the Baskin Robbins inspired coffees Cookie Dough and Butter Pecan might make a comeback, and the chain will also introduce the Pistachio flavor this year, according to The Daily Meal.

The Fudge Croissant Donut has been replaced with a Strawberry Shortcake Croissant Donut, which is a glazed croissant doughnut with a strawberry buttercream filling, topped with white and strawberry icing drizzled over top, reports Brand Eating

Additionally, Oreo Cheesecake Squares and Raspberry will also return for this season in Dunkin' Donuts.  The Oreo version of the Donut will be topped with crumbled Oreo cookies and the Raspberry version will contain the raspberry - flavored candy.

Dunkin' Donuts' spring offerings are available now through the end of April, according to Refinery29.

Jeff Miller, executive chef at Dunkin' Donuts, tells Refinery29, "We look to new LTOs (limited time offers) like the GranDDe Burrito and the Baskin-Robbins inspired coffee and latte flavors to help differentiate our menu choices, and to set us apart from other restaurant brands. For instance, our new Pistachio coffee and latte flavor, inspired by Baskin-Robbins ice cream, presents a unique flavor combination, and we love that we can offer our fans something new and innovative."

According to Miller, the process of menu innovation is to enhance the all day menu items of Dunkin' Donuts while still meeting  the needs of the on - the - go guests. "This focus doesn't differ when ideating new items, whether it's the Pistachio flavored coffee and lattes or the savory GranDDe Burrito," he mentions.

When asked  if there will be a bigger focus on savory breakfasts this year, Miller said, "While we can't share what's coming down the pipeline in terms of new menu items, we're always looking to incorporate savory options. For instance, our Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Breakfast sandwich was one of our most successful LTOs this year. We will continue to look to add similar menu choices that incorporate proteins, including chicken and steak in the future."

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