These Companies' Employees Eat 'Gourmet' Food for Free everyday at Work

Mar 07, 2016 09:46 AM EST | By Florence May P. Jose

They say that the success of a company is based on the amount of care and concern the company has for its employees. With that, its no wonder why Dropbox, Pixar, Apple and Google are one of the top earners in their respective fields.

Putting the companies that allocates the least budget to their staff's benefits, especially their food, the aforementioned companies spend big amounts of money just to provide the best for their employees, to which their success is indebted.

Their cafeterias are comparable to restaurants; their food could be mistaken as gourmet food prepared by world class chefs.


If the sleeping pods and slides as stairs aren't enough to make you jealous, wait till you learn about the food their employees eat daily-for free. Not only them, but their family and friends could come as their guests to the banquet too.

According to the Daily Mail, Google's New York office is home to Hemispheres, a cafè that serves three meals a day - and snacks - for free. Accompanied by the Manhattan skyline, you'd think that this is not located in an office, but a world class restaurant in a five-star hotel. Complete with a salad bar, a burger station, three entree stations, a dessert bar and a FroYo machine, employees feel that they are in a vacation.


Bon Appétit reported that Dropbox head chef Brian Mattingly once worked in one of Google's kitchens, uplifting the quality of food and service with the highest standards. Aside from Mattingly, the company's workers are also privileged to taste the works of pastry chef Laurie Moran, who previously concocted sweets at New York City's Le Bernadin and Dominique Ansel's popular bakery in Japan.

Choices are not limited. Dropbox caters to everybody's food choices-vegan options, low-calorie options, as well as foods of different international cuisines like Indian, Asian, and Mediterranean.


Apple's Cupertino employees also get the world class treatment during lunch time.

Local cafeteria called Caffè Macs disguises as your comfort food heaven, offering ramen burgers, nachos, ribs, fish, coq au vin, pizza, and even oysters. If that is not enough to satisfy your cravings, you can also order pho, sushi, paella, steak, and pasta. And that's just for lunch.

For breakfast, you can request for French Toast with strawberries, chocolate chip pancakes, and eggs, too, as well as dessert, fresh squeezed juices, and several flavors of gelato.

The Huffington Post reports that lunch and dinner meals are mostly free, subsidized by the company as well

'This cafeteria would do excellent if it were a restaurant open to the public,' gushed one fan on Yelp, while another said: 'Consuming a delicious and beautifully plated $8 meal within this clean-cut yet organic space, it may seem that for a brief moment, life is complete.  '


Some say the the most creative ideas we conceive happen when we were full-not hungry. Pixar got its employees creative juices flowing with the quality (and quantity) of food they serve their workers.

"[Steve Jobs] wanted a space that felt like the Musée D'Orsay in Paris,' Craig Payne, the senior design project manager, told BuzzFeed. With that, Café Luxo's interior and overall design follows an open space layout, naturally lit by the sun in the morning and the stars at night.

Of course a spectacular space should be accompanied by great food. Employees at Pixar eat things like smoked maple salmon, tofu ramen, hamburgers, toasted ravioli, and steak, and also have access to a burrito bar, a cereal bar, and pizza from a wood-fire pizza oven-any time they want. These delicious food are beautifully arranged in classy flatware, making you not want to eat and mess it up.

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