Soylent-Only Liquid Diet: The Future of Weight-Loss or Another Fad?

Mar 18, 2016 06:51 AM EDT | By Jessica Fenol

Soylent is a pre-mixed beverage which promises to provide the required dietary nutrients for a healthy body. Complete vitamins and minerals are present in this drink which led some people to believe it is enough to live on a soylent-only diet even without the consumption of solid food.  With the release of the new and improved Soylent 2.0, people are asking is the Solent-only liquid diet good for you?

Soylent claims that FDA classified their beverage as food and not food supplement.  It is in powdered form which already contains the nutrients you can get from actual solid food but is prepared and consumed faster. Soylent powder is pre-mixed, you just need to add water.

But is it good for you? Medical Daily said it is a "one-size-fits-all liquid food that could fulfill a person's daily nutritional needs all by itself".  Through crowdsourcing, inventor Rob Rhinehart launched Soylent food power in 2014. The controversial fund sourcing project managed to collect $20 million dollars thus the media and health professional frenzy, all eager to try this new fad.

Some may agree of its efficacy, but some doubted the idea of replacing food with Soylent-liquid alone. Nicole Myers, the Director of Communications, is quick to respond saying they have no intentions of replacing solid food altogether. She said: "We just want to fill in the nutritional gaps when we can."

Soylent makers also said the Soylent-liquid diet is not made to replace solid food contrary to what most people believe. They said this liquid food is an alternative way to get nutrients instead of turning into junk food or unhealthy food. It can also help individuals curb unhealthy cravings. And the makers highly recommend soylent to be consumed together with solid food. Also, for maximum effect on weight-loss programs, a fit and healthy lifestyle, meaning regular exercise, is encouraged.

One of Shape Magazine's editor tried the Soylent-Liquid diet tried it and has this to say: "I get what Soylent means about "throwaway" meals, and without a doubt, if your usual "in a rush" meal is something from a fast food place, Soylent would make an amazing alternative."

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