George Clooney Net Worth Soars: Amal Alamuddin Husband Influenced The Demand For Coffee Pods

Mar 23, 2016 06:40 AM EDT | By Sneha Susan John

Coffee pods have become a regular sight in the grocer's basket. In fact, Britons have spent £109m on coffee pods the last year. According to The Grocer magazine, one in five people now owns a coffee pod machine. It has become one of the most prominent items in the hot drinks category.  

The pods have received much attention especially since George Clooney has endorsed this product through advertisements. With such a celebrity endorsement, Nespresso has succeeded in making coffee pods a common thing in the market.

Nespresso has sold nearly 27 billion pods worldwide. In fact, this rise in coffee pods also shows the evolving taste of Britons. Though they are highly priced, people prefer coffee pods since it is quite convenient.

They now stand as one among 15 items which have been added to the hot drinks category. They have been stated as a 'distinct and growing' product among the Britons.

In the recent times, coffee pods have become a phenomenon in many places. The pod coffee machine can cost approximately £49.99 through to £499.99.The capsules can be around 30-40p for a cup. It has even been found that coffee pods are way more expensive than making coffee from regular beans.

Nespresso has made an impact in the world of beverages, especially with the Nespresso machines that have been found in the kitchens of around 30 per cent of the Michelin-starred restaurants around the world. Though there is a craze for coffee, it has also been found that these products are harmful to the environment. However, many homes and restaurants have it because it is consistent.

The craze for coffee has gone to an extent to an extent where Magazine experts are about to take pod coffee brands for a tasting after which they will publish the results in April.

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