Fruit Juices Are Not The Best Drinks For Your Child

Mar 30, 2016 04:45 AM EDT | By Sneha Susan John

Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice with Dried Tart Cherries
In this handout photo provided by the Cherry Marketing Institute, Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice with Dried Tart Cherries.
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We all know that drinking fruit juice is a great way to enhance the body. Different kinds of fruits have different benefits, and they make us healthier day by day. In fact, nutritionists and health specialists always suggest drinking fruit juices instead of soda and other drinks that are not doing any good to the human body. With this notion, most of us drink a lot of fruit juices and even make sure our children drink them almost every day.

The problem that we do not pay attention to here is the amount of sugar that goes into one glass of fruit juice. In fact, fruit juices can contain as much sugar as other soft drinks and sometimes more sugar than other drinks contain.

The Guardian recently reported that kid's juices that are sold in super markets have a high amount of sugar and are definitely unhealthy for children. The study on fruit juices and smoothies consumed by kids were conducted by the University of Liverpool and the University of London. The study has brought to light how fruit juices are quite unhealthy despite containing the nutrients of fruits. The juices that were tested had, at least, 19g of sugar which is a child's entire maximum daily amount of sugars.

So it is time for parents to be more attentive to the juices and smoothies that are sold in the supermarket.

The best way to pick healthy fruit juices is to check the amount of sugar on the label. Another healthy option to keep your child away from sugar is to make fruit juices at home. This way, you can keep account of the sugar that goes into the drink. You avoid not only the sugar but all the preservatives and the flavor, thus making sure your child is getting all the nutrients of fruits alone.

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