How to Store These 7 Frozen Foods Effectively

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Frozen Foods

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Freezing is one of the best ways to store food. It is also easier to do compared to other storage ways. Whether it's vegetables, fresh produce, dairy, or even leftovers, popping it in the freezer can only take seconds. 

However, did you know that not all foods can be kept in the freezer? If not, then today is your lucky day. In this article, you will know how to store frozen foods

How to freeze foods

Here are some of the foods that are safe to freeze. 


When you freeze raw carrots, the texture when its defrosts will turn spongy and soggy. The reason behind that is the water in the carrot's cells goes big, and it pops the cells. 

Before you freeze raw carrots, slice them into pieces. Once you cook them, the texture of the carrot will remain the same. It is best to put the carrot pieces on a tray and wrap it with a plastic bag. That way, the cuts will separate easily when you use it one day.


Broccoli is a very healthy vegetable, and it always pays to have it stocked at home. When you plan to freeze broccoli, cut them into small pieces and boil them for a couple of minutes. Next, put them in a tray and freeze. You may also put them in a resealable ziplock bag.


Just like carrots, potatoes also have lots of water content. You can either slice, chop, chunk, or chip them, and cook. Once done, you can freeze it in packs or mash them, and then freeze. You can add butter or other spices on the potatoes before you freeze them if you want to have a flavor to it.


When you refrigerate onions, you will think it might get soft and soggy once it's out of the fridge. However, you can still freeze onions and store them. All you need to do is chop or slice them, put them in a tray, and freeze. 

Once they are hard, you can transfer them in ziplock bags and then pop it back in the freezer to store. You can also fry the onions before you put them in the freezer. 


When you have milk cartons, it will get frozen once you freeze them. The reason is that there is a gap between the lid or opening of the carton, and the milk. 

However, for milk in a glass bottle, it will only make the milk cold and not freeze it. If you want to freeze milk, make sure to transfer it in a freezer bag with a watertight seal. 


Many people think that buying eggs in dozens can save them money. But the truth is, it does not always work that way. You can store eggs for the next couple of weeks by beating it, set it in portions, and freeze it. 


If you have tons of yogurt at home, the best way to store it is freezing. Divide the yogurts into portions and put them in a container. You can add fruits and nuts to it if you like. 

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