Hot Cocoa Bombs Tutorial: Newest Food Trend Taking Tiktok by Storm

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Move over Dalgona Coffee because the internet's newest obsession is finally here! Costo's Hot Cocoa Bombs are going viral and taking TikTok by storm.

As the Halloween and Thanksgiving season approaches, people are going crazy over these festive chocolate cocoa "bombs" from Costco.

A perfect snack to snuggle up with while watching your favorite holiday movie, they're edible bath bombs that are tasty and mesmerizing to watch. Far from being dangerous, these cocoa bombs are the kind of bombs that explode into sweet, warm goodness you can't wait to gulp down.

News Week reports say that the TikTok universe is also getting obsessed over hot cocoa bombs. Users of TikTok have fallen for the hot cocoa bomb trend, with the tag #chocolatebomb amassing more than 22 million views.

Millions more are joining in using #hotchocolatebomb, #cocoabomb, and #hotcocoabomb tags.

Hot Cocoa Bombs Tutorial: Newest Food Trend Taking Tiktok by Storm
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According to, people wanting to try out this hot new trend can go DIY or opt to stop by Costco as they offer a box of 16 hot cocoa bombs.

A multipack of 16 chocolate bombs for under $20, and they come in different flavors that include milk chocolate, strawberry, s'mores, and salted caramel. Furthermore, Costco decided to design a festive package ready for Christmas, with each ball wrapped in red, green, gold, or silver.

What Are Cocoa Bombs?

It's a hollow sphere made of chocolate. Inside its hollowed body, marshmallows, sprinkles, or other candies are usually placed. The surprise comes when you place the sphere into a mug and then pour hot milk over it.

As the warm milk hits the chocolate sphere, this melts it. The chocolate sphere dissolves into the milk and releases its contents into the mug. This will leave you with a warm mug of delicious hot chocolate topped with marshmallows or whatever treats were inside the sphere.

The Best Hot Cocoa Bombs

Aside from Costco's premade cocoa bombs, you can also make your own cocoa bombs at home. Tutorials flood TikTok as users create their own versions of how to make the best hot cocoa bombs. One recipe suggests that all you need are four ingredients for your hot cocoa bomb.

These ingredients include chocolate, cocoa powder, marshmallows with optional extras like sprinkles, and a silicone mold to create your chocolate spheres.

Start by melting the chocolate using a saucepan or double broiler. Coat the silicone mold with your melted chocolate. Set it aside to cool down and wait until it hardens. You can opt to refrigerate your chocolate molds for faster results.

Take the half-spheres out of the mold as gentle as possible. Fill it with cocoa powder, marshmallows, and the optional extras that may include sprinkles and candies. Using a heated pan, gently melt the rim of the other half-sphere. Attach the two sides of the half-spheres together to form a chocolate ball.

Finally, when it is time for the grand reveal, place the chocolate ball gently in a mug. Heat up a cup of milk until it is warm and then carefully pour it on top of the chocolate bomb until it melts. Stir the chocolate into the milk and enjoy it.

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