Cold Stone’s Black Boo Batter Ice Cream Returns As Perfect Halloween Treat

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Black is back for sweet treats this Halloween as Cold Stone's Boo Batter Ice Cream in Midnight Black returns in time for the spooky season!

Halloween is approaching fast, so it's the perfect time to indulge in some treats to get into the spirit of the season. What a better way to get the spooky vibe this Halloween than with some ice cream, right? The season may be getting colder in some places, but we have to admit that there is not a bad time for ice cream as a perfect Halloween treat.

Thankfully, our fellow ice cream-lovers over at Cold Stone Creamery understand this. It is for this reason that they have announced the official return of the Boo Batter Ice Cream. As jet black treats are becoming a constant theme this Halloween season, the Boo Batter Ice Cream perfectly fits the bill.

Cold Stone’s Black Boo Batter Ice Cream Returns As Perfect Halloween Treat
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Cold Stone Creamery is known for creating crazy and over-the-top ice cream concoctions using a range of candies and out of the box ice cream flavors. According to Best Products, the Boo Batter Ice Cream, which made its debut last year, is brought back by Cold Stone in honor of Halloween.

Additionally, this is also a part of their No Tricks, Just Treats Signature Creation. This concoction from Cold Stone features black-as-night ice cream topped with heaps of candy.

In a press release last year from Cold Stone Creamery, the Vice President of Marketing for Kahala Brands, Sara Schmillen said that they are extremely excited to introduce their super limited time Creation of Cold Stone Creamery.

In addition, she states that the Treat or Treat Creation is a spook-tacular way to get into the Halloween spirit and that it indulges in the nostalgia of your Halloween childhood memories.

The Boo Batter Ice Cream

This ice cream option is made from the original cake batter ice cream, which has been colored midnight black to perfectly blend with the season's spooky vibe. However, just a fair warning that this can easily turn your tongue black. It also consists of Kit Kats, Halloween Oreo Cookies with bright orange crème, and M&M's. One can describe it as if a bag of Halloween candy exploded in your ice cream.

Cold Stone also offers a black and orange waffle cones and bowls for customers who would like to kick up the Halloween vibes a notch or two.

In that way, they can enjoy either an all-black witchy ice cream or the classic orange and a black one. Just the perfect way to get that trick-or-treat vibe.

Further reports say that this limited edition Boo Batter Ice Cream will be available at any participating Cold Stone Creamery locations throughout the month of October, like the previous year. Once November starts, it's back to the familiar, non-Halloween cake batter flavors that customers know and love.

Although the Boo Batter Ice Cream just debuted last year, this sought-after treat will likely make its comeback next Halloween if you happen to miss out this year.

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