Coronavirus and Thanksgiving: Creative Ways to Safely Celebrate Amid the Pandemic

Nov 11, 2020 11:44 PM EST | By Kristine M. (

The season of gratitude, giving, and turkey is finally here! However, with covid-19 hovering over the whole nation, Thanksgiving might look a little different this year.

As a result of the long lockdown, many are excited for the holiday season to finally get the chance to see loved ones and celebrate the festivities.

However, according to CDC, this year's festivities will need some modifications in order to keep families, friends, and the community safe.

While it is a must that all of us adhere to the safety guidelines recommended by CDC during the holidays, there are still many fun and creative ways to celebrate Thanksgiving, such as the following:

Virtual Thanksgiving Party

By this time, almost all of us have become a pro when it comes to hosting a virtual gathering. This newly found skill can be put into good use this season.
This is the perfect time to get the entire family together on an online platform to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Watch Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Ways To Safely Celebrate Thanksgiving Amid Covid-19 Pandemic
(Photo : Getty images / Michael Loccisano )

According to Good Housekeeping, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio already confirmed that this year's Thanksgiving Parade would be done virtually. Although it will not be a live parade, this is still an opportunity to sit back with the family and enjoy the festivities.

Host A Small Thanksgiving Party

Ways To Safely Celebrate Thanksgiving Amid Covid-19 Pandemic
(Photo : Unsplash / Dave Lastovskiy)

Although gatherings were not entirely prohibited, the CDC recommends to keep it to small gatherings. Additionally, you can hold it outdoors since this can reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. If you happen to have a yard or deck space, you can set up tables, chairs, blankets, warm drinks, and maybe even a fire pit.

Hold A Recipe Swap Challenge

One of the things to look forward to during Thanksgiving is delicious food. Recreate memories filled with delicious food by holding a Recipe Swap Thanksgiving Party.

This is a great family activity, so you can share family recipes that are handed down over the years and have fun at the same time.

Send A Treat To Loved Ones

Ways To Safely Celebrate Thanksgiving Amid Covid-19 Pandemic
(Photo : Getty images / Matthew Eisman )

This year, think of your loved ones that might be in different places across the country. Although you might be separated physically, you can still surprise them with a warm, sweet gesture. Be sure to send them custom gift bags or goodies to show your love.

Support Local Businesses

Local restaurants and chains have started offering family-size meals-to-go just in time for Thanksgiving. You can opt to order "Thanksgiving in a Box" dinners for your family or loved ones who aren't great in the kitchen.
In this way, you will support your local restaurants while saving time preparing a traditional turkey meal at home.

Participate In Volunteer Opportunities Virtually

The pandemic may be making it a little difficult for us to reach out to the needy, but it can never dampen the spirit of giving, especially this season.
If you feel you are more than capable, consider donating to a food bank or sign up for Meals on Wheels.

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