A Burger Priced At $106 Will Take Center Stage At Gordon Ramsay’s New Restaurant

Nov 29, 2020 01:12 AM EST | By Kristine M. (staff@foodworldnews.com)

People with a wallet more prominent than their stomach are welcome to grab this $106 burger at Gordon Ramsay's new spot in London.

According to Fox News, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is opening a new restaurant in London that will feature a burger priced at $106.

The excitement over the opening of a new location gained interest mainly because of the said burger's seemingly excessive price tag. However, Insider reports that the famous chef promised his fans that they would never taste anything quite as delicious as his amazing burgers.

He also said that he is taking this to the next level, and he has been perfecting burgers for years in America. The dish is said to feature prime quality Wagyu beef, which is the reason for the hefty price. Plus, ordering fries on the side will cost you an additional fee.

There are other items on the menu that are priced lower but are neither cheap.

A Burger Priced At $106 Will Take Center Stage At Gordon Ramsay’s New Restaurant
(Photo : Getty images / Ethan Miller)

Surprisingly, the prices of food choices for his new restaurant are significantly higher compared to his Gordon Ramsay Burger in Las Vegas. In his Las Vegas location, the most expensive burger on the menu is the Truffle Burger, which only costs $25.

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Reactions On Social Media

Several fans of the star chef took to social media to air out their insights regarding the new burger and its price tag.

A comment on Instagram states that it would be better if millionaire celebrity chefs would consider creating a menu that suits the budgets of ordinary people instead of their fellow millionaires.

Another commenter from Twitter said the $106 or £80 is more than he has left for food for the month at the moment, which is a thought shared by several fans, especially at the time of a pandemic.

However, there are also people who said they are willing to pay such a high price since it promises high-quality Wagyu.

Harrods Place


Chef Gordon Ramsay's new restaurant will be opened in London under the name of Harrods Place. According to the NY Post, the official opening will be on December 4. As the celebrity chef describes it, it will be an American taste without the Trans-Atlantic trip experience. He promises that the burgers offered on the menu will not be your usual quarter-pounder.

If you want to know what is offered at Harrods Place, here are some of its signature dishes.

  • The Wagyu Burger priced at $106 or £80 - This contains seared Wagyu sirloin, Beef patty, truffle Pecorino cheese, cep mayonnaise, and fresh black truffle.

  • Lobster & Shrimp Burger priced at $55 or £42 - This one has pan-seared lobster and rock shrimp patty, pickled vegetables, herb aïoli, and frisée.

  • Hell's Kitchen Burger priced at $33 or £25 - Contains mozzarella cheese, roasted jalapeños, avocado, roasted tomatoes, and jalapeño aïoli.

  • Forest Burger priced at $33 or £25 - This one has a beef patty, Gruyere cheese, sautéed mushrooms, fried Arlington white egg, rocket, and cep mayonnaise.

  • Blue Cheeseburger priced at $31 or £24 - This is most affordable on the menu, which contains a beef patty, Cashel blue cheese, balsamic glazed onions, rocket, blue cheese dressing, and a crispy onion ring.

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