Blendid, Jamba Team up to Launch a New Robotic Smoothie Kiosk

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Blendid, a robotic kiosk that offers fresh smoothies, has teamed with Jamba to launch a co-branded booth at a Walmart in Dixon, California.

According to Grocery Dive, Jamba by Blendid kiosk opened Dec. 2 at a Walmart in Dixon, California, which marked the first co-branded effort from the juice company and autonomous food platform.

Related reports from Spoon Tech said that new co-branding with Jamba is a bigger deal and points to the future not just of Blendid but of overall food robotics.

Jamba is a global brand leader that serves freshly blended fruit and vegetable smoothies, fresh-squeezed juices, bowls, boosts, and bites. On the other hand, Blendid offers an innovative, autonomous, and contactless food automation platform.

The company is known to leverage machine learning, robotics, and AI to create food options made on-demand and customization to meet consumers' preferences.

Blendid And Jamba Teamed-UP To Launch A New Smoothie Robot
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CEO and Co-Founder of Blendid, Vipin Jain, said that their company is on a mission to create delicious and customized food accessible to all using artificial intelligence and robotics. He added that the introduction of the first Jamba by Blendid kiosk further expands their goals.

Blendid shared that they are proud to team up with the leading smoothie brand on this new opportunity since they know that contactless food preparation and delivery has become imperative amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Meanwhile, the President of Jamba, Geoff Henry, revealed that they had made significant technology investments in the past two years to drive more value and accessibility for their customers.

He stated that Jamba by Blendid is another way technology can help them meet their customers' needs. Henry also mentioned that they are looking for ways to make Jamba more accessible and create solutions to leverage the latest technology to serve their customers efficiently.

Teaming up with Blendid makes them look forward to understanding the role of robotic kiosks and how customers will respond to the new experience.

The new robot kiosk features a menu consisting of drink recipes from both companies. It has plant-forward Blendid smoothies and custom made Jamba and Blendid smoothies inspired by flavors found at Jamba.  

It will also include two of Jamba's proprietary boosts, Jamba 3g Energy Boost and Daily Vitamin Boost. Customers can also add one boost for free to their smoothies. 

Blendid And Jamba Teamed-UP To Launch A New Smoothie Robot
(Photo : Getty images / David McNew)

Blendid's contactless kiosk features a robotic arm, blenders, a refrigeration system, and numerous dispensers. These dispensers are useful for storing and dispensing various ingredients, including solids, liquids, and superfood boosts.

After receiving the order from the mobile app or QR code scan, the robot then prepares the order. The proprietary food operating system (foodOSTM) of Blendid is the one that processes the orders and payment, measures, and dispenses precise amounts of ingredients.

This process is done all across customized drinks, blends, and pours. Afterward, Blendid stores each smoothie until a guest is ready for pick-up. 

The entire process is entirely contactless from order to pick-up. The system can serve a fresh smoothie in under three minutes, and it can process up to 45 drinks in one hour and nine drinks at the same time. 

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