Cheeses You Can Still Enjoy Even Under a Weight Loss Program

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When you are undergoing a weight loss program, your diet coach might restrict you to some foods like cheese and other dairy products to cut those love handles easily. 

According to Healthline, some people are concerned that cheeses are high in fat, sodium, and calories. However, the health site adds that cheeses are also rich in protein, calcium, and other nutrients needed by the body to function properly. 

Well if you are trying to gain weight, consuming cheese might be a big help, otherwise, it is not. Medical News Today mentions that selecting full-fat cheeses will help an individual who is trying to gain weight. But if there is full fat, then there should be low-fat cheeses appropriate for those who wish to lose weight. 

Cheese and Weight Loss

Cheeses you can Still eat Even Under Weight Loss Program
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Cheese varieities from Holland lie on display and for sale at the Green Week (Grüne Woche) agricultural trade fair on January 17, 2020 in Berlin, Germany. Green Week will be open to the public from January 17-26.

WebMD reports that individuals who dive into diet trends tend to cut off calories by giving up calcium-rich dairy foods such as cheeses. The health site also mentions a study that shows doing the practice is a mistake. WebMD also mentions that the body burns fatter when there is an ideal amount of calcium that is why eating low-fat variants of cheeses (of course with moderation) may promote weight loss. 

Live Strong mentions the United States Department of Agriculture's recommendation of two to three servings of dairy per day. This means, cutting off cheese is not ideal. To continue you're cheese intake even under restriction, here are some of the cheeses an individual can eat even with the goal of weight loss. 

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Cottage Cheese

Live Strong reports that this type of cheese is one of the best to have the best calorie-to-protein ratios. Healthline adds that most diet plans have cottage cheese in them because it has high protein and low-calorie content.

Healthline also mentions a study that demonstrates people who maintained a diet that includes high protein foods like cottage cheese helped in diminishing weight by an average of 6.2 pounds among women and 3.1 pounds among women.

Swiss Cheese

Glamour shares that hard white cheeses can contribute to the weaning of the waistline. 

Live Strong adds that a 1.5 ounce serving of this hole-filled cheese provides 12 grams of protein and is extremely low in sodium. 

Glamour adds that swiss cheese is higher in calcium than other cheeses which makes it diet-friendly cheese. 

Goat cheese

E.W.F. Stirrup elementary notes that it is full of vitamins and minerals. Usually made from goat's milk, Live Strong adds that goat cheeses are low in calories and providing enough amount of protein in the body. 

Livestrong remarks a 2017 Nutrients study that demonstrates goat cheese has more efficacy in suppressing appetite than regular cow's milk-based cheese. 

Some samples of goat cheese are the Feta cheese. However, E.W.F. Stirrup Elementary reminds us that this cheese is high in sodium so consuming it should be in moderation. 

Quark Cheese

This may be the first time you hear this type of cheese, but according to Live Strong, this is a European type of cheese that has the lowest calories and fat. 

Diets vs Disease reports that this type of cheese is low in sodium and high in protein which makes it also ideal to be included in your diet. 

Although cheeses are usually restricted and cut off when an individual is undergoing weight loss programs, cheeses still have calcium in them that is also needed by the body. Eating these low-fat cheeses may still let you enjoy the dairy product alongside losing weight.  

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