5 Dangerous Food Combinations You Should Avoid at All Cost

Dec 29, 2020 09:56 PM EST | By Josh Summers (staff@foodworldnews.com)

Harmful Food Combinations you Should Stop Consuming
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Eating the same food every day can sometimes be frustrating that is why people sometimes result in food combinations. 

Consuming food every day is essential because it gives the body the energy it needs to stay active and fit throughout the day. 

Some foods are a perfect match just like fruits on your yogurt, cereals, and milk, and toasts and bacon. Sometimes it becomes a comfort food and is consumed to relieve stress. 

Food Combinations you should Avoid

As mentioned, there is nothing wrong with combining foods. Take for example your salad, there are a lot of greens and vegetables that are included but they work and taste amazing. 

India.com shares that combining food can enhance the taste and make a dish even tastier for one's taste. 

When you put diet and restrictions into account, Healthline mentions that some diet plans classify foods whether they are alkaline, neutral, or acidic. This only means that there are certain foods not suitable for each other and may mess with your gut when mixed or combined. 

Here is the list of food combinations and an individual must avoid consuming, which was also mentioned by India.com.

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1. Milk and Citrus

Although you might find the taste of milky orange satisfying, this mixture is a big N-O for your gut. Now observe what happens when you put lemon juice on the milk whenever you bake pastries and you ran out of buttermilk? It curdles right? Unfortunately, that is also what happens in the stomach when you drink them together. 

Look Chem mentions that if the protein in milk meets the acid of any citrus fruits, it will cause solidification that may affect digestion and absorption of milk inside the human body. India.com also adds that this can lead to gas and heartburn which is troublesome.

2. Fruits with meal

You might also do this most of the time especially when the dish is very savory, and you want to wash your palate with refreshing fruit. According to India.com, the meal people eat takes time to digest while fruits need less time. They add that the fruits start fermenting which is bad. 

However, Healthline adds that this is not true because although the fruit has fibers that can make the digestion slower, t does not cause the food to sit on the stomach longer. Remember to eat them in moderation. 

3. Cold Drinks and cheese

Do you love pizza so much? This might help you slow down eating that slice. Inuth notes that paring cheesy foods (such as pizza) to cold drinks like cola increases blood sugar and caffeine levels that can lead to weight gain. 

India.com also states that this combination can also lead to difficulty in absorption, discomfort, and stomachache. 

4. Two High Protein Foods

India.com does not recommend this combination because according to them, they take a longer time to digest. Eggs, ham, or bacon may be a popular meal every morning but lessening them will not be painful.

5. Olive oil and Nuts

According to Scoop Whoop, this combination should not be done the protein which is present in the nut and the fat from the olive oil do not mix, making the protein not digested. They add that this can also make individuals sick so avoiding this mixture can help. 

Food combinations may entice the appetite but be careful with the mixture should also be prioritized. Eating the right mixture of food will surely give the amount of energy that will suffice throughout the day. 

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