Surprising Food Names Around the World That You Should Include in Your Bucket List

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Are you tired of Hearing the Same Food for a meal? Here are Surprising Food Names that will raise a Question Mark
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Japanese eggplant Asian Tahini and Togarashi shallots are served at Sip, Simmer & Savor, A Culinary Event Series By The Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Collection on December 7, 2016 in Washington, DC.

Trying our dishes from other cultures may sound a little exciting, especially if it appears new to your eyes. The thrill of finding out whether it suits your palate or not is nerve-wracking enough.

But the joy of trying a food not only applies to a meal's appearance and taste but also their surprising food names, making you ask again what it is called.

In actuality, names are significant for food because they can help distinguish what it should taste like, what the texture should be, and how it should be served.

The name of a food is also the first thing you'll see on the menu before picturing how it looks like. To save you from having evil thoughts on a portion of food with an unknown name, here are some surprising food names mentioned by Love Food that can deceive you with their words but hold a very delicious taste.

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Grasshopper pie

You might be thinking that this delicacy has grasshoppers on it, smothered with sauce inside a crust. You are thinking wrong. This dessert is not exotic because, according to Love Food, it only has a vibrant green color that is infused with mint and the color resembles the grasshopper.

Recipe Girl adds that the green color is because of the Crème de Menthe Liqueur. Love Food shares that the dessert, which originated from the United States, dates back to the 1950s.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Before Imagining a seafood festival with this dish, break that thinking because this dish is not made from oysters. According to the Thrillist, this dish is made from mammal testicles, usually from bull, pig, bison, and sheep.

They add that the first ranchers who inhabit the West utilized this part of the animal not to let them waste. Love Food notes that the meat is usually flattened, then coated in seasoned flour, then deep-fried.

The Priest Fainted

We are talking about a dish and not a severe scenario. According to NPR, this Turkish eggplant dish has its name translated to the priest fainted with a story that a priest swooned upon tasting the meal and lost his consciousness because of its exquisite taste. Love Food also shares that this dish is also known as the preacher wept.

The Hen of The Woods

This is not a female chicken. In a Wild Food UK report, this is a tier like clusters of wavy-edged grey-brown caps that can grow a little bit large. They add that this ingredient is usually found around oaks but also few other deciduous trees.

Lion's Head

This meal that sounds like it involves a majestic beast does not have it. Love Food notes that this shanghai specialty features an enormous meatball made with ground pork, ginger, crumbled tofu, and soy sauce. They add that the meatball is served with a light broth or covered in a creamy dark sauce with the cabbage as the lion's mane.

These surprising food names may shock you at first but tasting them will give you so much pleasure and may comfort you in your lonely days. Discovering foods with their deceptive names may give you the delicious taste you have been looking for.

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