Health Experts Reveal the Best Diet For 2021

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Mediterranean Diet snags the title of the best diet for 2021, announced by the U.S. News & World Report, and successfully maintains its rank for four consecutive years.

Health Experts Reveal the Best Diet For 2021
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Over the years, we have seen countless diets come and go. As a result, a panel of health experts was consulted to determine which of these diets can contribute to the wellness and longevity of an individual. According to U.S. News, based on the assessment of a panel of experts in heart disease and diabetes, diet, nutrition, food psychology, and obesity, the #1 spot among the best diets to follow for optimal health has been given to the Mediterranean diet.

Best Diet Criteria

According to CNN, U.S. News & World Report Managing Editor of Health, Angela Haupt revealed that each diet was rated on several criteria. This includes the convenience of following the diet, how it can lead to long-term weight loss, its safety and health benefits, and how it can possibly address a chronic illness.

To assess the diets, a panel of 24 experts who live and breathe diet, weight loss, and obesity were consulted. These experts were from various medical fields, including heart disease and diabetes, diet, nutrition, food psychology, and obesity. They were requested to review research materials about the diets from medical journals, government reports, and other resources.

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Mediterranean Diet Named As The Best Diet

As a result of this assessment, the Mediterranean Diet received a near-perfect score in the health category. As for the weight loss category, it was regarded as a diet suitable for slowly shedding off excess pounds. Furthermore, its primary goal is to keep the weight off long-term while also avoiding chronic diseases.

In addition to capturing the best diet title, the Mediterranean diet took the top spot in the best plant-based diet category. Meanwhile, in the heart-healthy diet category, the Mediterranean diet was tied with the DASH diet and the Ornish diet as the top diets. It was also named as the best diabetes diet together with the Flexitarian diet.

The Mediterranean diet and Weight Watchers diet in the first spot as the diet which is most comfortable to follow. Simultaneously, the DASH diet and the Mediterranean diet were both named the best diet for healthy eating. With so much recognition and attributes to an individual's overall health and well being, it is no surprise that the Mediterranean diet is named the best diet.

Mediterranean Diet In A Nutshell

The Mediterranean diet is abundant in fruits, nuts, vegetables, fish, and whole grains. It is designed to be low in red meat, free of refined foods, and added sugars. According to Rahaf Al Bochi, an Atlanta Registered Dietitian, the Mediterranean diet is more than the typical diet program; but a way of living.

It does not promote calorie counting or eating in small portions multiple times a day. It promotes a positive relationship with food through mindful eating and having a healthy lifestyle. As a result, it improves the overall quality of life, reduces the risk of chronic diseases, and has a significant connection with weight loss.

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