Ben & Jerry's Introduces Pet-friendly Ice Cream Treat For Man's Best Friend

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A new specialty treat made for our furry companions was recently introduced by the famous ice maker, Ben & Jerry's.

It is always promising news to know when our favorite food establishments come up with innovations that surprise us. From healthier food options to environment-friendly packaging, these are ideas and concepts that garner much appreciation. With Ben & Jerry's, they decided to come up with ice cream flavors that can be enjoyed by our furry friends.

According to CNN, this creative food innovation made by Ben & Jerry's is the first of its kind for the company to cater to our pet companions. These are non-dairy frozen treats called "Doggie Desserts", which will be available in supermarkets and pet stores.

The two flavors offered by Ben & Jerry's were fittingly named after their employee's dogs. The Pontch's Mix features peanut butter flavors with pretzel swirls, while the Rosie's Batch is a combination of pumpkin and mini cookies flavor.

Related reports on Fox Business said that these treats come in 4-ounce mini-sized cups. More importantly, these ice cream flavors were formulated to be safe for pets.

Ben & Jerry's Introduces Pet-friendly Ice Cream Treat For Man's Best Friend
(Photo : Instagram/ Ben & Jerry's)
Your furry friend would certainly thank you for these pet-friendly ice cream treat from Ben & Jerry's/

Doggie Desserts Formulation and Ingredients

According to Ben & Jerry's, their Doggie Desserts have minimal amounts of dairy to ensure that it is safe for pets. In addition, the ice cream is made of sunflower butter-based ingredients and other high-quality ingredients, which include coconut oil and wheat flour. The treats are blended with the signature Ben & Jerry's flavors that are found in the company's human versions.

Surprisingly, these new desserts are also safe for humans to try, for those who are bold enough to give it a shot. The Doggie Desserts are available in single cups and four-pack boxes.

Pet owners can order these treats in-person at any Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop or online via a third-party delivery partner. Furthermore, these will soon be available in supermarkets nationwide.

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Ben & Jerry's Leveraging On Increasing Pet Adoption

The move to create a pet-friendly treat was sparked by the recent increase in pet adoptions nationwide. Amid the pandemic, people forced to stay at home found themselves seeking the comforts of having pet companions. According to research from SPINS and IRI, with the increasing demand for pet companions comes a growing demand for pet products.

A well-known pet supply company revealed that sales for pet-related products had a double-digit increase from March to July of 2020. As a result, Ben & Jerry's saw their decision to create a pet-friendly treat as a recession-resilient move.

Other Pet-friendly Treats

Aside from Ben & Jerry's, there are also pet-focused brands like Frosty Paws, Pooch Creamery, and Dogsters that have created frozen desserts for dogs in the past years. Similarly, there were also known food establishments that have incorporated pet-friendly food choices in their menu offers.

Dairy Queen once had a vanilla soft serve treat called Pup Cup, while In-N-Out Burger came up with the Pup Patty. Shake Shack created the Pooch-ini for our pet companion to enjoy, as well as Johnny Rockets with the Dog Burger offers.

With all these pet-friendly menu choices, pet companions and their owners are allowed to spend quality time together over a delicious meal.

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