Target, Nestle Toll House Launch Valentine's-Themed Food Items

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Valentine Madness: Target Releases Strawberry and Cream Cocoa Bomb; Nestle Toll House has a new Twist on their Valentine Cookies
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Free flowers are given out in Times Square as part of a celebration of Valentine's Day on February 14, 2020 in New York City. Across Manhattan and the nation, couples are celebrating their love on Valentine's Day with flowers, cards and special meals.

After the sparks of fireworks on New Year's Eve, the celebration that sparks love among people is Valentine's Day wherein not only for people in love but also for those who would like to take advantage of the promos offered during this time of the year. The most recent one is the Target Strawberry and Cream Cocoa Bomb, and also for cookie lovers is the Nestle Tol House Valentine cookies with a twist.

Every year, promos like these are taken advantage of by couples and people who are not in a relationship. Instead of watching movies in the cinema and having a fancy dinner, why not enjoy a cozy cup of cocoa while eating your Valentine cookie; a perfect activity for dates in this time where COVID-19 cases continue to surge. 

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Target Strawberry and Cream Cocoa Bomb


Delish notes that with the stepping of hot chocolate bombs into the limelight last year, the tradition of seeing them must continue. In response to the trend, Taste of Home reports that target offers a new variety of cocoa bombs, which is ideal as a present or a treat for yourself. 

Best Products points out that the geometrical heart shape cocoa bomb is colored rose pink with a twist of strawberries and cream white chocolate.

Delish shares how to enjoy the goodness this cocoa bomb offers by dropping the product on two cups of hot milk or water. The heart will then melt, and the mini marshmallows will start popping on the surface.

The process itself makes it a good show during the cold Valentine's Day. Best products emphasized that the cocoa bomb is already available on Target and sold for $2.99. It adds that you can also avail of it on Amazon but at a higher price.

However, Taste of Home shares that since Valentine's Day is nearing, it might be challenging to get a hold of the cocoa bombs on store shelves. That is why checking Target's site for its availability is a must. 

Nestle Toll House Valentine Cookies


Another great treat to partner with Target's strawberry and cream cocoa bomb is the Nestle Toll House valentine Cookies, which has a new look this year. 

Yahoo! Life reports that the Nestle Toll House will release their seasonal version of cookie dough that features the Valentine spirit. The cookies will have red and pink heart sprinkles in every bite.

A great gifting idea if you have no extra time to make your cookies, Totally The Bomb notes that the cookie dough is pre-cut, which can make you easily pop them in the oven. The sprinkles will add a crunch to every bite of the cookie. It is an excellent way of showing how you love the people important to you.

This Valentine's Day, instead of going out with your partner, why don't you pop a Target strawberry and cream cocoa bomb on hot milk and pair it with Nestle Toll House Valentine Cookies with heart sprinkles to make your indoor date neat and cozy at the same time.

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