Food Photography 101: 5 Easy Tricks to Take Stunning Food Photos on Your Phone

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Taking photos is a fascinating hobby, and even a job, especially if you have the skills. Nowadays, people take beautiful pictures of their food, adventures, and even clothing that they post on the feed of their social media. If you're a food lover, check out these tips to find out how to take better photos of your food!

According to Photography Life, photography is the art of capturing light with a camera, usually via a digital sensor or a film.

But if you don't have a professional camera, you can use your phone to take photos like food as your subject. Here are tips you can use to take better photos of your food using only your phone.

Food Photography 101: 5 Easy Tricks to Take Stunning Food Photos on Your Phone
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If you're a food lover, check out these tips to find out how to take better photos of your food!

Make use of the light

NDTV Food shares that using natural light will make astounding results, especially when you are using food as your subject. They add that placing the food by the window or in a well-lit place.

Digital Photography School mentions that if you have the budget, you can acquire few tools to control your lighting, and low use of light will tell the story you want to share in the picture.

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Perfect Exposure

Expert Photography notes that some of the smartphones nowadays have features that expose pictures in ideal conditions.

They recommend utilizing a piece of white foam core as a bounce card to reflect some of the light from the primary source to the set and accentuate its lighting.

Utilize the Background

Uutilizing the background or foreground with other elements apart from the main subject will tell the story more. They add that using props and other ingredients like sauces, oils, and cooking utensils can tell how the dish is made.

They also share that using non-edible materials like linens can add texture and variation to the photos. If you want to emphasize the food itself, you may use the neutral or solid color background to make the ingredients of the food pop its natural colors.

Get closer

NDTV Food encourages the beginners of food photography to be not afraid of getting close to the food to capture its texture, color, and everything that will emphasize the food components. Make sure that the foods possess motion if it is possible to make them look more appealing.

For example, if you are shooting a portion of food with a filling, you may poke it with a fork to unravel the filling and make it look more appetizing.

Use grid

Most smartphones have the grid feature, and it helps block every element you will add to the food. Expert Photography shares that utilizing the rule of thirds in using the grid lines will help you harmonize your photo elements. They add that the food intersects in each line, and you will have an improved photo.

You are now ready to take photos of your food on your next adventure. Make sure to utilize these tips we gathered, and you will have an improved food feed for your social media and make your followers droll about the food you are about to eat.

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