Michelin Guide 2021 Launching Date Revealed

Jan 23, 2021 09:10 AM EST | By Kristine M. (staff@foodworldnews.com)

One of the most notable highlights for the food and hospitality industry is the Michelin Guide's launch. This annual event spans more than a century and is globally renowned for its revered star-system. Over the years, it has regarded prestige and maintained its appeal.

According to the Michelin Guide page, this guide is a reference to restaurants and hotels awarded with Michelin stars for their excellence. Anonymous Michelin inspectors play a significant role in the process of determining which establishments will receive Michelin stars. These inspectors travel around the world yearly as part of the assessment process.

Michelin Guide 2021 Launching Date Revealed
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Michelin's Five Criteria and Rating System

The assessment process is based on five criteria used by Michelin inspectors to determine an objective result. These include (1) the quality of the ingredients used; (2) mastery when it comes to cooking techniques and flavor; (3) the chef's personality; (4) value for money; and (5) the consistency between visits.

The Michelin star signifies overall quality, which means that the assessment does not consider any particular trend or style in cooking. The criteria are used for the inspectors to reflect what they find in an establishment objectively. To get to the three-star level, inspectors are looking beyond excellent food.

Inspectors often look for something relating to an emotional experience. Establishments with three Michelin stars offer a unique experience. To achieve such, Michelin inspectors often look for an emotional experience that can be carried on even after years to come. 

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2021 Michelin Guide Launch

Under normal circumstances, the launch of the annual Michelin Guide is a lavish event with the very best of the culinary community in attendance as the latest Michelin stars recipients. According to Big Hospitality, the previous ceremonies were held during autumn. However, this year, changes had to be made.

As per the Michelin Group, the decision to move the publication and launch will allow time for the hospitality industry to recover and allow ample time to prepare a full and comprehensive guide for the readers.

The event will be at The Dorchester Hotel in London on Jan. 25. Given the travel restrictions in place, it will be streamed online. New Michelin stars would be revealed at the event and would highlight the industry's resilience, quality, and potential in the UK and Ireland.

Simultaneously, it will also mark the launch of the digital-only publication of the MICHELIN Guide Great Britain and Ireland 2021. The Michelin Group ensures modern and engaging resources for users using the app and on guide.michelin.com.

As part of the message from the International Director of the MICHELIN Guides, Gwendal Poullennec, he acknowledges that restaurants faced challenges that no one could ever imagine and applauds every owner and chef for their ingenuity, passion, and entrepreneurship they exude during this time amid a crisis.

He adds that the Michelin inspectors have been moving around and supporting the industry across Great Britain and Ireland for weeks. The inspectors have been busy spending time in restaurants and pubs and sharing their experience via social media. He hopes that this will encourage people to go back to eating out and supporting local establishments.

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