TikTok Users Are Going Crazy Over These 5 Trending Starbucks Drinks

Feb 03, 2021 08:18 AM EST | By Joshua Summers (staff@foodworldnews.com)

Try These Trending Tiktok Starbucks Drink on Your next Coffee Date
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A customer enters a Starbucks Coffee store on June 10, 2020 in San Rafael, California. Starbucks announced plans to close 400 of its company owned cafes over the next 18 months as the coffee shop chain estimates losing over $3 billion due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Getting a coffee at Starbucks is one thing you might usually do every day, every morning before you go to work. And as a coffee fan, you might have the staple flavor that helps you jumpstart your mornings. But if you wish to try something new for your morning cup of joe, why not try the TikTok Starbucks drinks that are trending now?

The quarantine has taken a tremendous toll on humanity, but it brought out the creativity in some people, and TikTok was one of the avenues for their discovery. Many users of the apps hare stories and even hacks that can satisfy your cravings for a new and delicious beverage.

Red Gummy Bear Refresher

 @salvaggio_chrisSuper sweet but YUM. The barista was super excited to make it ##starbucks ##starbuckssecretmenu ##starbucksorder  ♬ original sound - Chris Salvaggio 

Cosmopolitan mentions @salvaggio_chris, a Tik Tok user that introduces this candy-inspired beverage from Starbucks. The only catch is you have to bring your gummy bears to put in the drink when it is ready for drinking. To make this drink, you have to order Venti (or any size you want) Strawberry Acai, sub the water for peach juice, ask for two Raspberry pumps, no strawberries, and light ice. Once you have, put on your red gummy bears, and you are ready to drink. Read also: 7 Starbucks Flavors Around the World You Need to Try This 2021

Iced Vanilla Latte with Toasted White Mocha and Vanilla Sweet Cold Foam

If you still bet caffeine over fruit juices, you must try this drink from @tori.ralston. According to Yahoo! Life, this drink paired with a bacon gouda breakfast sandwich makes mornings a bit more bearable. To have this drink, you must order a Venti iced vanilla blonde latte with two vanilla pumps and two pumps of the toasted white mocha. Cover the concoction with the vanilla sweet cold foam, and you have an excellent morning coffee.

The Pink Drink but with a twist

The Know mentions Lauren Laurenzia Espinosa, a barista from Starbucks sharing her upgrade of the classic Pink Drink in Starbucks. To try this beverage, you may ask for a Pink Drink, but instead of coconut milk, you will ask for heavy cream instead. Then add three scoops of vanilla bean powder to escalate that creamy goodness.

50 cent Starbucks Drink

If you ever found yourself wandering around the hot afternoon of Summer this year, and you happen to leave your wallet, you can order a drink in Starbucks in just 50 cents. Cosmopolitan shares that this 50-cent drink is just water and strawberries. In a Tik Tok post by @carmelrich, you have to order venti water with strawberries. She adds that this drink also has no calories, so it is safe to order even under a diet.

Peaches and Cream Hot Chocolate

@salvaggio_chrisRUN TO GET THIS HOT CHOCOLATE️ thanks @jayleno303 ##starbucks ##starbucksorder ##hotchocolate ♬ original sound - Chris Salvaggio 

Yahoo! Life shares that this drink also from @salvaggio_chris is perfect for the cold weather. To order this drink every peach fan will love, you must order a Grande White Hot Chocolate with a peach tranquility tea bag and coconut milk. Chris also shares in the Tik Tok video that even the barista was impressed with the drink.

Having a staple order is a good thing, but it is not harmful to try these trending Tik Tok Starbucks drinks. We can't wait for more concoctions Tiktok users will share their followers and try them for themselves.

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