Here Are 5 Ways To Prevent Wine Hangovers

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Hate Hangovers? Avoid These Wine Habits That Might Trigger That Painful Episode
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Whether on birthdays or a romantic date, a bottle of wine sitting in a bucket of ice is something that makes every event more special. But indulging in wine will make you experience a hangover when you wake up in the morning and have that painful episode. You might also have friends who do not have a hangover, so try to observe their wine habits.

According to Mayo Clinic, a hangover is a group of unpleasant signs and manifestations that can develop after drinking alcohol. It adds that hangovers may also stem out from poor performance and conflict at work, which is evident if you consume wine after a stressful day from work. To give you an idea of what to avoid when you drink wine, read this and prevent that hangover on your next drinking session.

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You Drink on an Empty Stomach

You might have experience drinking wine without eating anything. Then after a couple of drinks, you passed out. You might blame your alcohol tolerance, although it may be a part because you drank wine without eating first. According to Eat This Not That, without food, your stomach speeds up your body's absorption of alcohol. It adds that you should consider eating a balanced meal with carbohydrates, protein, and fats before drinking to avoid a hangover.

You Do Not Use Sulfite Removing Tools

Sulfites are also contributing to your headache when you wake up in the morning. However, Food and Wine noted that scientists said there is no link between headaches and sulfites. For people who are allergic to them the side effect is hives and difficulty breathing and not the pain your head. According to a Wired report, if you have asthmatic sulfite sensitivity but still wish to consume wine, there are products in the market that claim their ability to remove sulfite in the wine.

You Don't Drink Enough Water

You might think that drinking water is not needed when you drink alcohol or wine. However, it is required. According to Vincarta, alcohol inhibits the hormone in our brain called vasopressin, responsible for retaining water in our body. It adds that because of this, the water will be sent directly to the kidneys without absorbing it.

You're Not Taking a Non-drowsy Medicine

Eat This Not That shared that histamine may also be a culprit of having hangovers because some people cannot metabolize histamines. It adds that considering non-drowsy anti-histamine before drinking wine may help prevent the feeling of having a bad hangover.

You Drink Way Too Much

Even if the wine has healthful components, it is still alcohol. You may prevent having a bad hangover if you consider drinking in moderation and knowing your limits. Listen to your body once in a while.

Avoid these wine habits so that you may be able to enjoy socializing without having a hangover in the morning or even after drinking. Remember that moderation is always crucial, and there is still next time for a drinking session.

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