Faye Marcos Jimenea

NASA's 'Chemical Laptop' Can Detect Extraterrestrial Lifeforms

NASA is taking it a step further with their extraterrestrial studies, now they have created a laptop that can detect life outside Earth.


Watermelon History: A 5,000 Year Journey

So watermelon wasn't that tasty, in fact it was the exact opposite.


'Eagles of Death Metal' Finally Speaks After Terror Attack On Paris Concert

The band that played in the Bataclan Concert Hall, where one of the terror attacks on Paris took place, finally released a statement.

Pussy Riot

[Watch] Controversial Band 'Pussy Riot' Releases New Music Video; Music Shines Light On Refugee Crisis

The controversial Russian band is back with some new music and they're calling out the European governments.


Obesity In America Higher In Women Than In Men

Although the rate of obesity seemed to be leveling off, CDC says but in their study there were more obese women than their were of men.


Adele's Album '25' Leaked; '25' Album Believed To Sell More Than 1 Million Copies On Its First Week

Adele has been rolling from headline to headline, and now, rumor has it that her newest album "25" has been leaked online.

Alcohol brands

Why Some People Can't Hold Their Alcohol Finally Explained

Here's why? It has something to do with the complex way our bodies are made and if you are a weak drinker you now have an explanation.

Tyson Recalls 'Smelly' Chicken Wings; Caused By Possible Adulteration Of Chicken

Tyson Food Inc. has reporetedly recalled 52 thousand pounds of chicken wings from the markets as several complains of bad odor by consumers were sent to the company. USDA FSIS are investigating the cause.

shopping for turkey

Cage-free Turkey's Are Misleading; USDA Regluation Says No Hormones Used For Poultry

Cage-free does not mean free-range, all turkeys are brought up in small enclosures, much like a cage.


Constellation Brands Acquires Ballast Point Brewery For $1 Billion; Ballast Point To Be Shutdown?

The creators of the famous Sculpin IPA, Ballast Point is now being acquired by Constellation Brands in an attempt to give thier company a better standing the ever growing craft beer market in the U.S.

John Oliver

John Oliver Rants Profanitites At Paris Attacker; Watch What He's Got to Say

John Oliver didn't hold back with his words to the attackers of the Paris Terrorism acts.

Computer in dark office, security alert on screen

Group 'Anonymous' Takes Charge And Declares War Against ISIS

The enigmatic group has declared a full on cyber-war against the militant group responsible for the Paris terror attacks.

Tim Cook

A Macbook-Ipad Hybrid Is Happening? See What Tim Cook Says About It

If you think that thier will be a hybrid between two seperate Apple products, think again cause it might never happen.

French fries

Venezuela McDonalds Sells French Fries At $133; Burgers Don't Have Lettuce and Tomatoes

Venezuela is currently experiencing an economical crisis that is creating havoc that even the simplest day to day objects are priced so high.

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