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Burger King Surprises Wall Street With Large Rise In Quarterly Earning

Burger King’s 'Dirty Finger' Fries Become Viral After Brussels Blasts

An old Burger King "controversial" advertisement composed in 2008 became viral again in the wake of Brussels attacks.

KFC Introduces New, Healthier Menu

KFC Australia Launches Zinger Black Burger For Limited Period

KFC Australia has launched its new Zinger® Black burger for a limited period from March 22 to April 18 in selected stores.

Microbrewery Sales Surge In the U.S.

Half Moon Bay Brewing Company: California Brewery Makes Beer From Waste Water!

Beer can now be made out of recycled wastewater. This is the latest innovation and solution introduced by a California Beer Brewery on San Francisco’s shortage of water.

Burger King Announces Safety Move in Play Areas

Burger King News: Fast Food Chain To Serve Booze With Burgers in UK

Finally, booze made it on Burger King’s menu in selected locations in UK. In the last quarter of 2015, Burger King launched a bid to become the first fast food chain to sell alcohol in its UK restaurants.

The Phillips Collection's 2015 Gala: Postcards From Japan

Restaurant News: Japanese Gastro Pub Genji Izakaya Opens In Whole Foods Market

Opening daily from 12 noon to 11 PM, Japanese gastropub Genji Izakaya is now an in-store restaurant at Whole Foods in Columbus Circle, New York City.


Jewish Deli Wins Over New York Eaters

Kosher food or prepared food allowed by Jewish law is now part of America’s culture especially in New York City. Kosher restaurants are popular in NYC as Timeout observes that these kosher eateries abide by orthodox Jewish policies, ensuring that their standards are never compromised, even in the busy kitchens.


Healthy And Tasty Seaweed Drink Available Soon

According to the National University of Singapore's (NUS), its team of food scientists is partnering with a local food manufacturer called Y G C Group (S) Pte Ltd to launch its new healthy and tasty seaweed drink.

Children Eating

Philly Students Learn To Cook: Kids Choose Healthy Food Vs Fast Food

It's always a struggle for the American diet to choose "healthy food" especially when fast food from can serve you so fast!

Food Safety News: FDA Warns 3 Dairy Farms, 2 Food Importers

Inspections Underway For Food Service Industry

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s ultimate goal to be achieved by a food establishment inspection is to prevent foodborne diseases. Hence, inspections from state to state are underway to all food service operations.

Proteins are an essential part of our diet, but one should take it in the right amount and from the right sources.

Animal vs Plant Proteins: What's The Difference?

Is there any difference between animal and plant proteins? They’re called “proteins,” after all, right? Wrong. Find out why there’s a need to understand animal and plant proteins as they enter our body through the food we eat.

Marinated Grilled Shrimp

Unruly Chinese Tourists Earned Netizens’ Ire Over Fine Dining Etiquette

Hotel Pullman Bangkok King Tower got the shock of its 5-star hotel life when Chinese tourists became so unruly over a supposedly “fine dining” buffet dinner. Netizens likewise blasted such poor fine dining etiquette of Chinese tourists.

Whole Foods grocery store in Ann Arbor, Michigan

What You’ll Find in Your Supermarket Prepared Food Will Shock You

You go to a grocery store and you also see a variety of supermarket prepared foods from healthy to not-so-healthy food that you can choose from. Then you decide to buy the healthy food as labeled. Are you sure that you’re getting the right, fresh, organic and nutritional food? Let’s find out.

Birdpark Walsrode Prepares For Summer Visitors

Have You Heard of Storkcation?

For humans, we do have staycation. As for white storks not wanting to leave landfills, they do what is called “storkcation.” Storkcation means storks opting to remain where they migrate or becoming a resident to where they migrate.

Wood fired gourmet pizza

Svenson Couple’s Midas Touch: Cheap Food But Better Pay at MOD Pizza

“Charging customers as little as possible while paying the team as much as possible.” This is MOD’s Pizza concept. This is the kind of brand MOD would like to establish when it started the business in 2008.

Food Ordering and Delivery App

SpoonRocket Gives Up App Food Delivery Service

SpoonRocket dubbed itself as the fastest on-demand food delivery service recently put an end to its food app delivery service business.

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