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These Fast Food Orders Won't Make You Fat

These Fast Food Orders Won't Make You Fat

Here are five nutritionists-approved fast-food items you can order that won't make you fat.

6 Unhealthiest Fast-Food Restaurants, New Data Reveals

6 Unhealthiest Fast-Food Restaurants, New Data Reveals

Here are the 6 unhealthiest fast-food restaurants you must check before ordering your meals.

Fast Food

Various Restaurants and Brands Share Their Favorite Recipes

Check out what these restaurants can say about their favorite recipes!

Food World News - In changing urban neighborhoods, new food offerings can set the table for gentrification

In Changing Urban Neighborhoods, New Food Offerings Can Set the Table for Gentrification

Hip food offerings can signal that a neighborhood is gentrifying--especially when they repackage traditional foods for wealthy white eaters.

Food World News - Fast Food Is Comforting, but in Low-Income Areas, It Crowds out Fresher Options

Fast Food Is Comforting, but in Low-Income Areas, It Crowds out Fresher Options

Many Americans take comfort in the routine of jumping into the car and grabbing a burger. They choose restaurants with familiar faces behind the counter. They even yearn for a favorite “greasy spoon” diner while having to cook for themselves at home during COVID-19.

Shake Shack Raises Prices For Upcoming IPO

Study Says Fast-Food Eaters Exposed To More Chemicals

A recent study discovered that fast food eaters had 40 percent more phthalates in their urine highlighting the high degree of phthalate exposure though the fast food route.

Children Eating

Philly Students Learn To Cook: Kids Choose Healthy Food Vs Fast Food

It's always a struggle for the American diet to choose "healthy food" especially when fast food from can serve you so fast!

burger and fries

6 Ways to a Healthier Eating in a Fast Food Restaurant

A healthier meal is still possible in a fast food restaurant if one follows these six steps.

Chick-fil-A Embattled In Controversy Over Anti-Gay Marriage Remarks

Put your Phones Down and Get Free Food from Chick-fil-A!

The greatest irony of technology and its benefits to communication is that it really brings you closer to your loved ones far from you, but pulls you away from the people around you. Because we are constantly on our phones, tablets and other gadgets, real-face-to-face conversation is hardly done, and that is what Chick-Fil-A is trying to change.

Bird Flu Impacts On Poultry Industry In South East Asia

KFC unveils Newest Colonel Sanders!

Bid farewell to the Colonel Sanders you know. KFC revealed on Thursday that they will be replacing their brand icon with another person. And this time, he is black.

McDonald's All Day Breakfast At the 58th Annual Grammy Awards

Fast Food Giant McDonald's Menu Update: Chobani Greek Yogurt and Two New Breakfast Bowls!

McDonalds is one of the most recognizable and popular fast food brands in the world, and one of the reasons for their loyal customer base is that they are constantly innovating their menu to offer new and exciting food items. Check out the new McDonald's food items here.

San Francisco Votes To Ban McDonalds Happy Meals

McDonald's Launches Happy Goggles: Happy Meal Box Goes Digital With Virtual Reality Headsets

Looks like food and technology is a good match. That is proven by McDonald's with their newest promotional stint in Sweden that turns their Happy Meal boxes into virtual reality viewers.

Parent Company of KFC, Taco Bell, And Pizza Hut Report Strong Earnings

Food for Thought: Where Did Your Favorite Fast Food Restaurant Get Its Name?

Think about this: Would you be intrigued to try the flavors of a new restaurant if its name is not appealing?

Fast Food Workers Nationwide To Demand Higher Wages

Why Taco Bell May Be the Healthiest Fast Food Restaurant Today

In case of the world's most famous Mexican-inspired fast food chain, (they claim) yes, they can. In fact, according to Taco Bell's dietitian and product developer, Missy Nelson, the fast-food chain already is.

McDonald's November Sales Down Lower Than Expected

Fast Food Heaven: Fast Food Items You Will Never Eat Again

Scroll through and mourn for the fast food items that have been phased out by their respective items.

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