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2021 Is Going To Be a Big Year for These Fast Food Chains

2021 Is Going To Be a Big Year for These Fast Food Chains

These fast food chains are going big this 2021. Who are you betting on?

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Chain Restaurants' Menu Boards With Calorie Counts Do Not Change Consumers' Eating Habits

A new study suggests that knowing how many calories are in a fast food chain's meals may help in improving one's eating habits.

Fast Food Companies Battle For Clients

Fast Food TV Ads Influence Kid's Food Choices, Increasing Obesity Risks

A new study examines the marketing tactics of big fast food companies, and how these affect the food options and consumption of kids and adults alike.

Wendy's Announces Plans To Sell Over 600 Of Its Restaurants

Wendy’s Beefless Burger: India Sacred Cows Protected As Wendy’s Reaches Hindu Country – With Casual Dining

India, one of the world's most populated countries (only China has more people than the South Asian country), is with 1.252 billion residents, a very attractive market for the biggest fast food chains in the world, but the fact that cows are considered sacred in the majority's religion, Hinduism, makes it challenging for burger joints - but not for Wendy's beefless burger.

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