Food and Drug Administration
Clues to Possible Junk Food Carcinogen Found

Beware! Overcooking Your Fries is Not FDA-Approved!

The new warning by the Food and Drug Administration might change the way you deep-fry your French fries.

HHS and FDA Chiefs Tour Imported Food Facility To Study Food Safety

FDA Agrees To Test Food for Cancer Causing Weed Killers

The Food and Drug Administration has finally agreed to test the food products such as corn, soyabeans and other food products for the presence of glyphosate, which is the world’s most used herbicide.

FDA & Lord Puttnam Keynote Speech

Maine Seafood Company Shut Down For Violating Food Safety Codes

A seafood company in Maine, which supplies products to Boston, has been closed for repeatedly violating food safety standards throughout the past decade.

FDA Says Genetically Modified Salmon Is Safe to Eat

State View: FDA Says Genetically Modified Salmon Is Safe to Eat

The FDA claimed that AquAdvantage salmon could help fulfill the growing food demands of the world and can relieve the pressure on fisheries.


Food and Drug Administration Releases New Rules For Clean and Safe Produce

With these new set of rules, the safety and quality of the food imported is of utmost importance.


Don't Call Me 'Honey'

Just because it taste like honey doesn't mean it's actual honey.

Animal Production

FDA Allowed Over a Dozen 'High Risk' Antibiotics in Animal Food

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration allowed over a dozen potentially harmful antibiotics to be used in livestock feed, despite research studies claiming that these drugs are at "high risk" to humans.


FDA to Revise Nutritional Facts on Food Labels

The FDA announced on Thursday that the nutrition labels on the back of your favorite snacks will soon become easier to read.

Raw Chicken

Drug-Resistant Bacteria Found in 97 Percent of Raw Chicken Sold in U.S. Supermarket

According to CBS News, Consumer Reports research released on raw poultry, found that nearly 50 percent of supermarket chicken, regardless of the brand, carried an antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


Foster Farms Salmonella Outbreak Have Health Officials Questioning FDA Tactics

Two outbreaks of salmonella poisoning linked to Foster Farms, may have sickened more than 15,000 people this year and has officials arguing whether food safety laws need to change.

Animal Production

FDA To Phase Out Use of Antibiotics in Animal Production

The Food and Drug Administration announced new guidelines that call on global pharmaceutical companies to phase out the use of antimicrobials, also known as antibiotics.

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