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Harry Potter Cast Hand And 'Wand-Print' Ceremony

Harry Potter Books Inspire Cafe in Buenos Aires: Check It Out!

For all you Harry Potter fans out there who want to taste a little bit of "Liquid Luck," check out this awesome cafe!

A Celebration Of Harry Potter

This NFL Player's Wedding Cake Is A Potterhead's Dream Come True

The four-layered cake has parts that show the four Hogwarts houses.

A Celebration Of Harry Potter

Potterheads Eat Too! Peek On The Food Inside JK Rowling's Harry Potter World

The newly-opened Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Hollywood gives a sneak peek to the magic world's cuisine.

Enjoy the night at the Great Hall

Spend Your Valentine's Dinner at the Great Hall at Hogwarts, The Love Potion is on them.

Hey there muggles! Are you feeling sad because you didn't get your acceptance letter from Hogwarts? Be sad no more! They are making it up to you with this invitation! Well, at least for those who have plans for the Valentine's.

Author J.K. Rowling Visits The Empire State Building

J. K. Rowling Takes to Twitter to Talk About Severus Snape

Harry Potter authors talks Snape on Twitter

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