2 Mouth-Watering Instagram Recipes You Can Easily Make

2 Mouth-Watering Instagram Recipes You Can Easily Make

Need some dinner inspiration? Check out these two mouthwatering recipes from Instagram that you can easily make.

Tea Bombs

Move Over, Cocoa Bombs! Tea Bombs Are the New Food Trend Taking Social Media by Storm

Move over, Cocoa Bombs! We have a new Instagram and TikTok queen. This Tea Bomb trend is the coolest thing you need to try.

UK Government Calls A Ban On 'Food Porn' Posts On Instagram And Other Media Platforms

UK Government Calls Ban On 'Food Porn' Posts On Instagram

Are you ready to say goodbye to #foodporn?

Instagram Changes Terms Of Service, Stirs Anger Among Users

Instagram Suspended This Woman's Account After She Posted a Birthday Cake: Find Out Why!

London mum, Sue Moseley, was blocked by Instagram after giving daughter Jenny a credit to her homemade cake.

Yellowfin Tuna Sushi

Sushi Burgers Enter Fastfood Arena

Eating hamburgers is part of the American culture. Through the years we've seen amazing evolution from the simple beef patty to many other different varieties. But lately one burger is making a name for itself, the sushi burger.


Instagram Heightens Food Experience

We already know that Instagram food tastes better than the food that you have not posted. But do you know that each time you post photos of food on your Instagram, it actually heightens your satisfaction to the food that you ordered or cooked?

drink with smartphone

Food Tastes Better After Posting Them On Instagram: Study

Study could explain why people post food pictures on instagram, it makes them seem to taste better.

Food Porn!

14 Ways You Can Make Your Photo: #FoodPorn on Instagram

Have you been drooling over glorious photos of food all over your feed and wonder why can't you turn your food photo to the ultimate #foodporn online.

Boosie Badazz 'Touchdown 2 Cause Hell' Album Listening Session

Rapper Lil Boosie Reveals Cancer Through Instagram Post

Lil Boosie reveals that he has kidney cancer and asks for prayers from the fans


When Foodgramming Turns into 'Bread and Butter': Food Instagrammers Take Over Ecommerce

Through a very popular mobile app called Instagram, 19-year-olds Natalie Landsberg, Gillian Presto and Emily Morse have created a joint account called @New_Fork_City where they cleverly and innovatively showcase snaps of their food. They were only being normal Instagram users doing the usual, until their follower count skyrocketed to six digits.

1,2,3 Selfie

Chili’s Spends Multi- Millions in Social Media to Grab People’s Attention

Chili's is definitely taking business to the next level through social media.

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