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Here's How to Make an Olive Oil Whipped Cream

Here's How to Make an Olive Oil Whipped Cream, Plus a Yummy Cake to Pair It With

Update your homemade whipped cream recipe with healthy olive oil! Here's how to make olive oil whipped cream.

U.S. Trade Deficit Surges To Record Highs

Get to Know the Healthy, Good-for-You Fats

There's bad fats, and there are good fats. Good fats help lower your cholesterol, and are a part of any balanced diet. Here's a quick guide to the best sources for good fats.

Rising Energy And Food Prices Cause Wholesale Prices To Spike Upwards

You Don’t Have To Try Hard To Cook Healthy Meals

Common foods can actually be healthy, only if you know how. These effortless methods of processing everyday nutrition can help you lose weight and reduce risks of diseases.

A baby pose with the trophy during the UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour

Applying Olive and Sunflower Oil On Babies Can Promote Skin Problems

Applying either olive or sunflower onto baby's skin is not advisable as it can weaken their natural defenses that can lead to possible health problems, according to a new research.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil's Health Benefits Revealed

Consuming olive oil has a number of health benefits.

Drinking a Shot of Olive Oil a Day Can Actually Lengthen One's Life.

Drinking a Shot of Olive Oil a Day Can Actually Lengthen One's Life.

They said that drinking a shot of olive oil is a healthy diet and can cause one’s life to be longer.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil Industry Pushes Government to Test Imported Oils

U.S. producers are convinced that "extra virgin" olive oil imported from Europe may not be as pure as consumers think.

olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Could Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Researchers are currently looking into whether or not extra-virgin olive oil can play a role in protecting against Alzheimer’s disease.

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