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Healthy Foods Nutritionists Say Aren't Good at All

3 'Healthy' Foods Nutritionists Say Aren't Good at All

Over the years, some healthy foods are hyped to be the next big nutritious thing that you are encouraged to eat. But now, nutritionists want us to think twice.

Dwayne Johnson

Here's The Rock's Favorite Protein Shake Recipe

Apart from sharing the protein shake recipe, The Rock revealed why it is such a good thing to wolf down carbs and protein, as well as sugar, after a workout.

Protein Powder

A Complete Guide for Whey Protein and Its Benefits

Whey protein is more than just a muscle builder. Here are some things that you need to know about it.

The Masters - Round Three

Why A Protein Shake May Not Be A Good Idea

A nutritionist recommends that it is better to get one's calorie requirements from eathing rather than drinking.

Brixton Brewery Making Craft Beers In The Heart of London

‘Barbell Brew’ May Soon Replace Protein Shakes For Gym Goers

Muscle Food, a UK site selling sports nutrition products, has come up with the all-new "Barbell Brew". The beer claims to be rich in proteins and having fewer calories than lean beers.

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