Walmart’s Slammed by a Complaint from FTC as allegedly Mislabeled USA Products

Walmart Slammed by FTC Complaint For Allegedly Mislabelled USA Products

MIslabelled USA products on Walmart's website allegedly contains foreign material

Listeria Contamination: FDA Recalls Variety of Fresh-Cut Fruits From Walmart Stores

Listeria Contamination: FDA Recalls Variety of Fresh-Cut Fruits From Walmart Stores

A variety of pre-cut fruits was removed from selected Walmart shelves due to possible listeria contamination.

Walmart Starts Testing Drone Delivery

Walmart Starts Testing Drone Delivery

Walmart kicked off its drone delivery pilot through a collaboration with the drone delivery company Flytrex.

Walmart Reports Drop In Quarterly Profits

Walmart To Stop Selling Wild Oats Organic Brand: Can Its Great Value Store Brand Fill The Gap?

Walmart ends two year partnership with Wild Oats Organic Brand. Instead, it wants its customers to buy its own Great Value store brand.

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Walmart UK Sells 'Ugly' Vegetables, Claims Produce are 'Beautiful on the Inside'

UK has answered its food shortage by promoting "ugly" vegetables, and this is a practice the USA should adopt.

Wal-Mart Prepares For Black Friday Shopping Rush

Walmart News: World’s Largest Retailer Gets Sued for Wood Pulp in Parmesan Cheese

A lawsuit was filed against Walmart by one of its buyers for reportedly deceiving consumers due to their false claims of selling 100 percent Parmesan cheese.

Walmart Reports Drop In Quarterly Profits

Walmart's New Ice Cream Sandwiches Don't Melt in the Sun!

It sounds like a dream come true: ice cream sandwiches that won't melt in the sun. Walmart brings you their newest product: heat-resistant ice cream?

Whole Foods grocery store in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Study Says 'America’s Online Grocery' Shopping Is Expected To Grow 40% By End Of 2016

American online grocery shopping is set to grow from by the end 2016, a new report shows.

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Wal-Mart Fears Food Stamp Decline

Walmart profits may be affected by decrease in food stamp circulation.

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Supermarkets on the Path to Extinction?

With more convenient methods of food shopping, supermarkets may soon be a thing of the past.


Walmart To Lay Off 2,300 Sam's Club Employees

Walmart announced its plans on Friday to lay off about 2,300 workers at its Sam's Club warehouse unit.


Walmart Unites Food Companies to Help Fight Hunger

As food donations dwindle, companies are coming together to raise food awareness and donations


Fighting Hunger Together: Senior Director Julie Gehrki of the Walmart Foundation Talks About Program

Food World News sat down with the Julie Gehrki, Senior Director of the Walmart Foundation, to talk about their "Fighting Hunger Together" program.

Frozen Foods

Farm Rich Recall: E. Coli Outbreak Spreads in 15 States; 24 Ill

The CDC has confirmed that there has been a multistate E. coli breakout in correlation with Farm Rich Frozen Food Products.

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Starbucks Launches New Low-Calorie Iced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken Expresso

March 2 is the first official day that multinational coffee chain Starbucks is serving its new dairy-free coffee drinks, and one of them, the Iced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken Espresso has caught the eyes and palate of health buffs.

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