What is Adele's Secret to Her Amazing Weight Loss?

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With the pandemic, the natural disasters happening, and the unstoppable riots, the year 2020 couldn't get any worse. But for famous singer Adele, this might be a very noteworthy year. 

In early May this year, Adele shook the world when she posted a photo on Instagram with her hard-earned new look. The 32-year old Rolling In The Deep singer's picture showed a slimmer Adele. The showbiz industry, as well as her fans, was left breathless by her amazing body transformation. 

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The Instagram Post That Shook the World

On her birthday, Adele posted a photo of herself on Instagram, showing her new figure. The singer wore a black mini balloon dress that hugged her curves perfectly. Adele gave thanks to everyone who greeted her with birthday wishes. 

At that time, most of the world was on quarantine. Adele wished everyone was "staying safe and sane." She also included her thanks to the essential workers and front-liners who are fighting against the coronavirus pandemic. 


Adele's weight loss story

Many health experts believe that Adele lost about almost 50lbs before she got the figure she has right now. Many were impressed by how the singer improved on a wholistic level.

Before the drastic body transformation, Adele announced her split from her husband, Simon Konecki, in April 2019. The former pair were married for three years before deciding to file for a divorce. Adele's fans expected more emotional ballads when they heard the singer's heartbreaking split, but Adele diverted into a different distraction.

Weight Loss
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Aside from focusing on her career and music, Adele decided to make herself better and applied a new eating habit. This new routine was for her to boost her health while maintaining her voice in the best condition. 

Since last year, many photos have resurfaced of Adele's weight loss. It was until this year when she went on Instagram and posted her stunning slim look, with a new lighter hairstyle that suited her well. 

Although the singer is pleased with her body shape and state right now, she admits that her diet plan can sometimes be a little boring. In an interview with Australia's 60 Minutes, the diet does not make her voice sound less than her usual, which is a good thing for her as a singer. 

Adele's weight loss diet

According to Adele, she has followed a strict and responsible Sirtfood diet and pairing it with an extensive workout with her trainer. In her diet, the singer shared that she has to cut toxic and processed food and drinks. When she started doing so, she was surprised at how fast the results showed. 

Diet Weight Loss
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The Sirtfood diet is mainly focused on foods that are rich in sirtuin activators, which is excellent food quality. It suppresses appetite and helps your body regulate the proper circulation of fat and sugar in the body. According to reports, Adele's diet was made personally by her trainer named Pete Geracimo. The diet also follows a strict intake of only 1,000 calories a day. 

Adele's diet plan included cutting off ten cups of tea a day, caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, and everything spicy, tangy, and has a citrus flavor. The singer also admitted her lifestyle changed as well, such as having to throw all her old clothes and turn into a new wardrobe with a regular fit. 

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