PepsiCo. Shakes Up Cocktail Time with Four New Mixers

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Cocktail Mixers

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The times might be weird for parties and get-togethers to be held, but this does not mean it cannot happen, at least with caution. PepsiCo is ready to make sure the limited time people can have fun drinking with others - at a friend's home or outside - worth it with its new line of cocktail mixers. 

PepsiCo to Drop New Mixers Line

PepsiCo, after releasing its own nonalcoholic version of sparkling rosé in 2019, is back with another nonalcoholic beverage offering. Those who are trying to stay alcohol-free in the middle of pandemic (a wise move!), will love these new products. 

The powerhouse beverage provider, is back not with a limited edition drink like the rosé, but something accessible to everyone. The new brand, or drink, is called Neon Zebra. By its name alone, it can already be deduced that it's an inclusive take on mixers, as reported by Yahoo

It seems to be saying that people, whether they have colorful, bright personalities, or black and white persona, can certainly enjoy this drink. 


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Neon Zebra is the PepsiCo's line of nonalcoholic cocktail mixers and meant to deliver the best-tasting cocktail out there. It is aade with real juice and no artificial sweeteners, which health buffs can certainly appreciate, especially in a time when people are called to put their health their main priority.

It can be remembered that PepsiCon's limited release of the rose back in 2019 has certainly stirred up interest, given how limited the quantity was. Only 100 bottles were produced to give out to BravoCon attendees. 

"Like our loyal Pepsi fans, Bravo superfans are some of the most unapologetic and dedicated fans out there," said Todd Kaplan, VP of marketing at Pepsi, in a statement. "We created Pepsi Sparkling Rosé to give the fans something extra special to enhance their BravoCon experience and for a Real Housewives icon like LVP to give it her stamp of approval is truly awesome." 

Neon Zebra's Release Date

While people would say this is not the time for parties, this does not mean people cannot have fun right in their homes or with their friends, as they socially distance from bigger crowds. In fact, the 7.5 oz mini-can cocktail mixers came at a time where at-home cocktail consumption is on a steady rise.

Based on the brand's website, one can see that mixing a can of Neon Zebra and 3 oz. of  liquor (any flavor or brand!) can already lead to "wildly easy" cocktails to share by oneself or friends! 

The mixers come in four deliciously quite popular or classic flavors-margarita, strawberry daiquiri, mojito, and whiskey sour-and they can be bought in packs of 6. Each pack has a price range of between $6.99 and $7.99. 

The excite date is not yet announced, but those who cannot wait certainly sign up on the company's newsletter to have first dibs. 

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