Listeria Outbreak 2015: Blue Bell And Sabra Recalled, But 3 In Texas Fall Victim To Listeria Outbreak 2015

Apr 10, 2015 01:06 PM EDT | By Victoria Guerra

Unexpectedly, over the past few weeks fears of citizens being infected with the Listeriosis bacteria have grown, as the listeria outbreak of 2015 becomes more widespread following the first issue with Blue Bell Creameries ice cream - after that first alarm, several other companies have had to recall some of their products over contamination.

In the past few weeks, Food World News has reported every bit of news about the listeria outbreak of 2015, starting with the first problems with Kansas' hospital patients after eating Blue Bell products, followed by a further recall by Amy's Kitchen and then Sabra's Classic Hummus.

Now, Reuters reports that the listeria outbreak of 2015 sees more infected, this time in Texas, after authorities from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said three people who had been hospitalized for other reasons had contracted Listeriosis after consuming tainted ice cream made in he company's Oklahoma plant.

According to USA Today, the three new patients from the listeria outbreak of 2015 fell ill the same way as the first five cases in Kansas, as they had also come into hospital for completely different reasons and had ultimately become sick with the bacteria after eating the tainted ice cream inside the hospital's premises.

The Washington Post reports that Blue Bell Creameries have now added a new product to their massive recall: banana pudding ice cream. However, while it appears to be the company that has gotten the most problems during the listeria outbreak of 2015, companies like Bidart Bros. also recalled some of their products earlier this year, particularly their caramel apples.

Generally, the CDC only gets approximately 600 listeriosis reports every year, but it's still one of the institution's top priorities, and it's one of the illnesses that they ask consumers to report.

Food World News will keep updating in regards of the listeria outbreak of 2015.

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