Chicken Hormones KFC: This Chinese Man Grew BREASTS From Too Much Fried Chicken [+PHOTO]

Jul 17, 2015 07:57 AM EDT | By Victoria Guerra

As the biggest food companies in the world announce they'll be taking antibiotics out of the diet of chicken they serve to customers, one tragic bit of news has gone viral in China, after a young man came out to say that the chicken hormones at KFC were so damaging they caused him to grow breasts.

Topless pictures of a 26 year-old college graduate from China known as Mr. Li recently became viral after it came out that the reason behind the hormonal imbalance that caused him to grow breasts was none other than chicken hormones on KFC products, scaring customers away.

According to The Daily Record, Mr. Li is a big fan of fried chicken, so he would often go to the famous fast food chain for his fix of drumsticks and chicken wings, but when he started to grow breasts suddenly and went to see the doctors about it, they told them to lay off on the fast food item, because the chicken hormones in KFC were causing his imbalance.

Cosmopolitan reports that the doctors were very straightforward to Mr. Li, telling him right away that it was the chicken hormones from KFC that were causing this breast enlargement - reportedly, his treating physicians recommended that he lay off the fried chicken and went for a diet richer in fruits and vegetables.

According to Metro, the condition Mr. Li suffers from supposedly due to the chicken hormones in KFC is called gynecomastia, and it's basically the enlargement of breast tissue in men, and it is often caused when the female hormone estrogen and its male counterpart testosterone don't balance out well - however, there's still no proof that the condition is directly linked to the patient's diet.

Back in 2013, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) demanded that antibiotics in animal production were phased out, as they supposedly pose a risk of another kind: developing resistance to them, thus exposing people of all ages to "superbugs."

Since them, major companies like Tyson Foods and even McDonald's have announced they won't be using chicken fed with antibiotics anymore.

Will the major fried chicken fast food chain recover from this chicken hormones KFC scandal, fresh out of the "fried rat" prank and having been topped by Chick-Fil-A long ago?

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