McDonald’s Table Service: Hiring Waiters For Table Service Trial In U.K., How Desperate Is McDonald’s To Boost Sales?

Aug 07, 2015 07:51 AM EDT | By Victoria Guerra

The worldwide leader in fast food has been going through the worst year of its financial history, and they're taking matters into their own hands by testing a series of different new possibilities in their restaurants, to new burgers to hipper versions of classic character Hamburglar - and now, even McDonald's table service.

For the first time in its history in the European country, McDonald's table service is coming to the United Kingdom, currently undergoing a trial period at Manchester with plans to roll it out to 11 more restaurants in the country and, if successful, in the rest of their locations.

According to The Guardian, the new McDonald's table service was created under the promise of avoiding long and uncomfortable queues to order, changing it for a special area with better treatment, with the waiting staff wearing aprons and serving you right where you are in the dedicated zone.

"They think it's more comfortable, less stressful and actually faster," said Andy Shaw, the head of McDonald's service solutions in the European country. "We see it as a different level of hospitality."

As The Huffington Post reports, the McDonald's table service is part of a grander scheme to get customers back into its golden arches all over the world (even though the U.K. remains one of its best markets) and the company's actually spending an estimated £350 million ($543 million) in improving their stores.

According to Business Insider, customers of McDonald's table service will have the possibility of ordering from digital kiosks as well as waiters, then having their burgers or nuggets delivered to their table, in an attempt to bring young families back into their stores.

Besides the recently launched McDonald's table service, other changes the burger chain is trying include offering all-day breakfast options as well as regional-specific menus such as lobster rolls in New England, plus gourmet breakfast options in Australia.

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