Most Americans Don’t Know The True Danger Of Anxiety

Sep 03, 2015 09:51 PM EDT | By abbie uychiat

Mental health is something that should be taken into consideration as high amount of deaths are linked to one's mental wellness. Suicide is one of the leading death causes all over the world.  As per the Think Progress website one of the major causes of suicide is depression. A new study was released stating depression and bipolar disorder as risk factors for suicide, the study suggested that only a few individuals understand the risk factors of anxiety.

As per the studies that was released by ADAA [Anxiety and Depression Association of America], the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and National Alliance for Suicide Prevention revealed that 90 per cent of respondents that have been affected with suicide and are well aware that it is linked to depression and bipolar disorder. They then added that less than half of these individuals are aware that anxiety is capable of inflicting the same damage as well.

President of the AADA and the chairman of psychiatry at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Dr. Mark Pollack, made a written statement regarding the studies which revealed that anxiety disorder can significantly affect an individual's views in regards to suicide.

  "There's a significant body of research that demonstrates that individuals suffering from anxiety disorders and depression face an increased risk for suicidal thoughts and attempts, Effectively diagnosing and treating both anxiety disorders and depression, especially when they co-occur, are critical pathways to intervening and reducing suicide crises,"

Both depression and anxiety often co-exist as one feeds the mind with fears, nagging the individual's being which would later on bring in hopelessness and despair.

As per Healthline, anxiety is part of one's day to day life. Feeling anxious is completely normal; having intense anxiousness however can lead into something more serious.  Persistent state of anxiety can cause havoc to one's mental health and can have devastating effects both physical and mental health.

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